Bigg Boss 14: Shahnaz Gill talks about his plans to go inside the house, see video


New Delhi, JNN We have seen a new video recently. In it, Shahnaz Gill of Bigg Boss 13 has revealed whether she will go inside Bigg Boss 14’s house or not. The makers of Bigg Boss have left no stone unturned to increase the enthusiasm of the fans. Apart from bringing all the contestants together, he has also kept senior and former Bigg Boss contestants like Siddharth Shukla, Hina Khan and Gauhar Khan in the same house.

After saying that many people speculated that Shahnaz Gill might also enter the house but in response to this, Shahnaz has revealed his plans to go inside the house. This is a short clip of Shahnaz Gill’s live session. In the video, Shehnaz is reading fans’ questions and one of them asks if she is going to Bigg Boss 14?

In response to the questions she says, ‘I am finished. Why should I go again, what do I need to go to Bigg Boss. I have got everything I needed. Now I will go as a guest. ‘Hello, hi, okay, bye.’ After this video it is certain that she will not be going to Bigg Boss 14 house yet, but if something like this happens, it will be fun and it will be great for all Sid and Shahnaz fans.

However, Shahnaz’s entry is still uncertain. There is another former contestant who could go indoors. Recently, Bigg Boss 8 winner Gautam Gulati gave us a little hint from his Twitter handle saying that he can join Seniors in Bigg Boss 14’s house.


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