Bigg Boss 14: Salman – Farah interrupts Rubina’s attitude, Abhinav Shukla’s constant fights!


New Delhi ‘ Bigg Boss 14’ hosts Salman Khan, Farah Khan and Ekta Kapoor, who came on the show as a guest, recently explained to Rubina Dilac that they should play their game, not to mix Abhinav’s yes. Rubina had promised Farah, Ekta and Salman that now she will do what she feels right at home, she will play her game. Rubina also received an Immunity Stone from Ekta Kapoor for this promise. Now, after Farah and Salman’s explanation, Rubina’s attitude seems to have changed a lot. In the ongoing panchayat task at home, there was a debate between Rubina and Abhinav. In which both of them appeared upset with each other’s talk. Now again, there will be a fierce fight between the two.

Colors has shared a video of today’s episode on her Instagram, in which Rubina and Abhinav are seen to be very feisty. It is seen in the video that Rubina says to Abhinav, ‘What did you need to speak’, then Rubina replies that ‘I was talking to Rahul’. Abhinav jhallakar says ‘don’t give me a damn on this’, Rubina replies ‘Can I do what I want to do’. After this, there is a strong argument between the two. Which makes Rubina look a bit upset as well.

There has been a lot of debate between the two since the weekend war. Recently, during a task Kavita gets hurt in her hand and Abhinav does not like when Rubina goes to ask Kavita about her injury. Because the poem turns back and tells Rubina. Abhinav gets angry at Rubina after seeing this and says that ‘You went to talk to her, she did not come to you’. Rubina gives her clarification on this, but Abhinav continues to flare at her.


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