Bigg Boss 14 5 January 2021 Episode Written Update (05/01/2021)

Bigg Boss 14 Written Updates

Bigg Boss 14 5th Jan 2021 Written Episode Update, Colors TV Serial “Bigg Boss 14 05 January 2021 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Cracks Showing In Rubina And Abhi’s Relationship

Air Date: 05 January 2021

Full Written Update: Bigg Boss 14 05/01/2021 Episode Start with Rubina says she was not in the conversation. Aly and Abhi says to Rubina that she was there. Abhinav says designation word was never utilized it just they were examining about challengers and Mahajan. There, Arshi compliments everybody as they got saved from selections. She says she love BB.

Thereafter, Arshi continues provoking Rubina over examining selection. Rakhi approaches Arshi not to target one for content.

7:30 PM; Rakhi says thank you to Bigg Boss for indicating her that she is going in Top 5. Arshi says than she will be top 3. There, Rubina imparts a discussion to Abhi. Bigg Boss requests that Rubina talk just in Hindi. Arshi says Rubina just talks in English. Rakhi blame and says to Nikki that she hasn’t perfect her bed yet. She will not spotless the utensils. Sonali requests that Nikki go and requests that Rahul move his towel. Nikki will not converse with Rahul. Aly request that Sonali go herself and requests that Rahul keep aside his towel. Verbal contention occurs among Nikki and Sonali. Aly and Arshi giggles. Rakhi consider Nikki a ‘spoiled brinjal’.

Sonali declare till Nikki will clean room, neither she will work nor Rakhi will clean utensils. Aly restrict Sonali’s choice. Verbal contention occurs among Sonali and Aly. Ahead, Sonali contends mind Rahul for keeping his towel on couch and not taking it out. Rahul won’t remove his towel. Sonali and Rahul contend with one another. Aly uphold Rahul. Sonali says they are playing in gathering. Aly and Rahul contend with Sonali. Afterward, Sonali cries.

8:30 PM; Sonali cries. Vikas, Rakhi, Eijaz reassure Sonali. Sonali tell she is disturbed on the grounds that Aly agreed with Nikki’s position. Aly protects himself. Rakhi asks Sonali not to call. There, Arshi says to Jasmin that Rakhi is affecting Sonali.

Subsequently, Aly requests that Rahul talk with Sonali. Rahul says he conversed with her yet he doesn’t wish to chat with Sonali. He adds Rakhi is hopping in the discussion simply like that.

9PM; Vikas says to Arshi she persuaded all that they are playing together. Arshi says they are playing together. Vikas swears on his mom and says he is playing separately and not with Arshi.

9:15 PM; Arshi declines to shares her bed with Sonali. Sonali will not leave her bed. Afterward, Arshi contends with Rubina.

9:30 PM; Arshi says to Rubina she isn’t care for past competitor who will get frightened of her. Rubina considers Arshi a joke. Rakhi says for Arshi, Rubina is easy objective. Rubina uncovers that Arshi revealed to her when she went into the house that she like Abhi and her however inventive requested that they target Rubina. Rakhi won’t trust Arshi. Verbal contention occurs among Rubina and Arshi. Arshi says Abhinav’s down is finished.

11:30 PM; Sonali apologize to Rahul. Rahul and Sonali’s fix up occurs. Vikas gets cheerful seeing team.

11:45 PM; Sonali requests that Rakhi clean utensils. Rakhi won’t spotless and state until Nikki will clean the room than she will clean utensils. Arshi asks Rakhi not to target just Nikki. Rakhi says to Arshi she, when all is said and done, is focusing on Rubina. Afterward, Jamsin gets irritated with Rakhi’s discussion and says she has cerebral pain. She cries and says she is burnt out on individuals over here. Aly comfort Jasmin. Further, Nikki claims that Sonali needs Rakhi to battle. Sonali blows up on Nikki.

Ahead, Aly requests that BB call him in admission room. Rubina, Abhi uphold Jasmin and Aly.

Day 95 at 10:30 Am; Inmates awakens at the beat of melody.

10:45 AM; Arshi talk with Aly and says Rakhi didn’t cleaned utensils. ALy says leave. Arshi asks Aly for what reason he didn’t upheld her.

11:45 AM; Sonali requests to clean kitchen top whosoever is cleaning omlet. She says she has cleaned threefold. Jasmin asks Sonali not to show the principles which they made. Sonali gets annoyed. Then, Rakhi talks and Rahul and Arshi insult her to bounce into everybody’s issue. Rakhi contends with Arshi. Vikas requests that Rakhi leave the spot. Rakhi won’t leave the spot. Vaidya contends with Rakhi.

12:15 PM; Rakhi says to Aly and others that Nikki didn’t cleaned her bed. ALy requests that Rakhi bargain by her own. Rkahi says she won’t perfect utensils and requests that the one clean whose bed Nikki cleaned. Arshi giggle.

Further, contention occurs among Arshi and Rubina once more. Abhi asks Rubina not to contend with Arhsi. Rubina inquires as to whether he has issue than to leave the spot. Arshi taunts Rubina for arranging Nominations. Rakhi uphold Rubinav. Arshi says to Rubina her sense of self will be broken one day. Monstrous contention occurs among Arshi and Rubina.

4:15 PM; Rubina imparts to Nikki that Arshi is tormenting her. Abhinav asks Rubina not to respond on Arshi as she is appearing as though a whiny little child.

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