Bigg Boss 14 27th Nov 2020 Episode Written Update (27/11/2020)

Bigg Boss 14 Written Updates

Bigg Boss 14 27th November 2020 Written Episode Update, Colors TV Serial “Bigg Boss 14 27 November 2020 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Captaincy Task Rejected So There Is No Captain This Week

Air Date: 27 November 2020

Full Written Update: Bigg Boss 14 27/11/2020 Episode Start with Ahead, Jasmin says to Rubina she would prefer not to chat with her. Rubina gets some information about her and chat all over. Jasmin says Rubina ate parathas and Abhinav stood up to it. Rubina calls Abhinav and says he revealed to him Rubina had parathas. Abhi comes and says to Jasmin he is put-off from her and never anticipated the equivalent. Jasmin says she is feeling the equivalent.

5 PM; Bigg Boss says next issue will be talked about for washroom zone. Jasmin, Aly examine about the errand technique and says they will raise cleanliness subject. Nikki upholds them.

5:15 PM; Kavita calls Rubina and Jasmin. Rubina talks first. She discusses cleanliness and puts her point that Eijaz has consistently been reasonable in cleaning the washroom. She additionally says Nikki defied the guideline by obliterating the BB property. Jasmin protects and keeps the point that Eijaz pees on latrine sheet accordingly, according to cleanliness this isn’t right consequently, restroom they ought to get. Eijaz talks and says Rahul don’t have the foggiest idea about any work in this way he cleans just washrooms.

Rubina and Jasmin go head to head ends up surpassing washroom zone. Bell rings and errands get over. Kavita makes Team Jasmin win.

6:15 PM; Rubina says post this assignment things will get changed. Abhi says he previously anticipated a similar post perusing the errand rules. Both talk with one another.

6:30 PM; Bigg Boss says Task Batwara is finished. He asks Kavita to bring the declaration from store room. BB requests Kavita to compose the name from the triumphant group and offer it to them. Group Jasmin wins the undertaking. BB salutes Team Jasmin.

7:30 pm; Abhi chats with Kavita and says she made a decision about him that he don’t think of her as him companion. Kavita and Abhi attempts to clear their misconception. Abhi says he is focused with whatever occurred in the errand. Kavita says now he can feel her.

9PM; Eijaz says to Pavitra she isn’t going this week. Pavitra says she got joined to the house. Kavita sees them and talks with Niiki about Pavitra and Eijaz.

Day 55 8AM; prisoners awakens at the beat of ‘murmur rahi pyaar ke’ tune.

8:45 AM; Kavita makes dark tea for herself and insults Abhi. Rubina stands firm for Abhi. Kavita and Rubi contend with one another. Afterward, Niki and Pavitra contends with one another.

Further, Niki says to Kavita, Rubina angers her a great deal and she wish once Abhi goes out than she makes Rubi down on her knee.

Afterward, Bigg Boss says now it is a chance to pick a commander of the house. He says Aly can’t be the competitor for the skipper since he got discipline. BB says Jasmin, Rahul and Nikki are just the competitor in this way, they need to talk about alongside Kavita need to commonly settle on creation a skipper. Aly says how they can commonly choose. Eijaz says they have as well.

Further, Jasmin, Rahul, Aly, Nikki and Kavita choose making the commander. Rahul, Jasmin and Nikkigets resolved to turn into the skipper. All contends with one another. There, Pavitra says to Eijaz and Rubina she won’t put hands up for Nikki. Kavita asks Team Jasmin to make Nikki skipper. Jasmin and Rahul shields Kavita’s choice. Rahul and Nikki the two gets resolute to turn into the chief of the house. Aly gets annoyed with Jasmin present she asked Rahul on go o Niki and state let him become skipper and he will spare her. Rahul don’t care for Jamsin’s proposal.

4 PM; Rahul talk with Kavita. Nikki comes and blames Rahul for attempting to change her. Verbal contention occurs among Rahul and Niki.

4:45 PM; Nikki converses with Kavita and says all will commonly represent Jasmin. Kavita says Rahul will stand firm for himself. There, Rahul says he needs to become commander since he needs to take some rest. Nikki asks Jasmin if Rahul will say yes on the off chance that she will end up being the commander.

Afterward, Jasmin asks something very similar to Rahul. Rahul gets unyielding to turn into the skipper.

5:15 PM; Nikki blame Rahul for not adhering to his point. Rahul and Niki contend with one another.

5:30 PM; Rahul and Niki chats with one another. The two gets inflexible on their choice. Kavita asks Team Jasmin to commonly choose quick. Niki stands firm for herself.

6 PM; Bigg Boss asks the choice. Kavita says no common choice occurred. BB dropped the undertaking.

7:15 PM; Pavitra converses with Rubi and says Niki may be asking so she goes out tomorrow. Afterward, revolting contention occurs among Niki and Pavitra.

Further on, Rubina peruses the ‘chings jingle task’. Nikki turns into the appointed authority of the house. Group Eijaz ,Pavitra Rubina and Abhinav in the other Team Jasmin ,Aly Kavita and Rahul. Errand begins at 10:45 PM; Team Jasmin begins the assignment.

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