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Bigg Boss 14 25th November 2020 Written Episode Update, Colors TV Serial “Bigg Boss 14 25 November 2020 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Rubina argues with Kavita

Air Date: 25 November 2020

Full Written Update: Bigg Boss 14 25/11/2020 Episode Start with Kavita says why? Rubina says I don’t care for you as a skipper, you were bad. Kavita says you are stating this haphazardly, you can would whatever you like to. She reveals to Aly that I am asking you pleasantly. Kavita says all of you are demonstrating your genuine nature. Rubina says you disrupted the greatest guideline by discarding the mic. Kavita says you were supporting brutality and now talking? Rubina says you were doing preference to Nikki. You were getting out close to home revenge against Aly. Jasmin says she made herself a joke. Kavita says Rubina is a frail individual however she did a Shakti show? Rubina says you are a despot. Kavita says you know nothing, you are a frail lady. Rubina says you look feeble when you act insane. Kavita yells at her to stop. Rubina says you have stooped exceptionally low. Kavita says I am enjoying this. I am not stressed over the obligations, you individuals have nothing to do so you simply make the issues. You are simply upsetting ladies. Rubina says and you are not upsetting?

Kavita says these individuals think I am a scalawag so I will show it now.

10 AM
Kavita asks Rubina to not enter the kitchen in the event that you are not performing your responsibility. Rubina says don’t be a despot, I won’t follow your requests. You should be a pioneer. Kavita says you simply continue disrupting the norms.

10:30 AM
Kavita goes to Abhi’s bed and applauds before him. Abhi says be boisterous, this won’t do. Kavita says you think you like decent? Abhi says you really resemble a distraught lady. Kavita says what do you resemble? Abhi says I can be close to home and revile you on the off chance that you need to? Kavita says I never reviled you. Abhi says you call individuals snakes, from modest community and everything modest you can tell. You ought to tune in to other people. Kavita says I am talking pleasantly to Nikki, Eijaz and Pavitra. Abhi says Eijaz? Kavita says you are simply resembling a bonehead.

Aly asks Jasmin to not act like a lady, you are attempting to keep an eye on Kavita like an inquisitive lady.

Bigg Boss asks Abhi to wear his mic. Abhi reveals to Kavita why she didn’t leave yesterday? Kavita requests that he wear the mic, you need to tune in to Bigg Boss. Abhi says be a skipper first, you removed your mic as well. Bigg Boss asks Abhi to wear the mic. Abhi says you have defied the norms Kavita. He wears the mic. Kavita says he is a nalla (futile), Rahul was correct. Abhi returns to rest.

2:45 PM
Rubina peruses the directions about a diversion application room that is opening for them. They can utilize it. They all go to the room. Rahul and Pavita stay there. Rahul says it’s a decent comfortable room.

4 PM
Kavita peruses the errand ‘division’. A few detainees will move towards to turn into the chief, Kavita can partake in the assignment yet she can’t turn into the skipper. There is a family who is battling about a property. There are two sisters which incorporate Jasmin, Aly, and Nikki. Rubina will have Abhi, Eijaz and Pavitra. Rubina’s family has a kitchen. Jasmin’s family has a washroom. In the event that they need to utilize those pieces of the house, they should ask the family. They will get an opportunity to win different pieces of the house. Kavita will be the appointed authority of that. There will be a court hearing/town gathering where the families will give their focuses and accuse the other family regarding why they shouldn’t get that part of the house. Jasmin and Rubina will be the legal advisors of the family. The family who has a greater amount of the house toward the finish of the assignment will win the errand and become competitors for the captaincy.

4:30 PM
Jasmin asks Kavita on the off chance that she will be reasonable? Kavita doesn’t respond to her. Jasmin says Kavita won’t be reasonable. Aly asks Jasmin to not ask her, there is Nikki additionally in your group. Jasmin asks Aly to converse with her pleasantly. Aly says you don’t need to ask her. Jasmin says it’s my own battle with her so I will ask her what I need to. Aly says then I will be close to home with others and you won’t enter that.

Eijaz reveals to Rubina that we will raise the focuses like Aly was irate and he broke the property. Abhi says we won’t express close to home things. Eijaz says we realize that. Abhi says we need to raise the issues identified with the regions. Eijaz says let me handle this.

Aly reveals to Jasmin that we won’t raise the old issues.

Bigg Boss tells the prisoners that Jasmin’s family holds the washroom region. Rubina’s family will hold the kitchen zone. They should all transition to their regions. The main court will set up for kitchen ownership.

Aly reveals to Jasmin that don’t contend with Kavita, I am instructing you to not battle else I will leave the errand.

Abhi reveals to Rubina that you need to give counter-contentions. Converse with me and get ready for it. Rubina says I need to go to the washroom.

Nikki discloses to Kavita that you can empower us. Kavita says Rubina and Abhi kept everybody hungry today so bring that up.

Abhi attempts to converse with Rubina yet she requests that he talk in the mic. Abhi says leave it, it’s simply so hard to converse with you. Rubina says quit irritating, I don’t need them to know. Abhi says all of you are awful audience members. Rubina says you have no persistence. Abhi says I continue requesting that you hear me out. Rubina says I am not inclination well. Abhi says you can be a decent audience. Rubina says I don’t need them to hear my case. Abhi says upto you, don’t contend with me now. Keep it extremely lucid, ensure that she hears you. Rubina leaves from that point.

5:15 PM
The ringer plays and the primary case begins. Kavita asks both the families for what good reason they ought to get the kitchen territory. Jasmin says I ought to get the kitchen since it’s a significant spot and there shouldn’t be any battle there. My sister Rubina needs to make issues there, her better half resented the commander and my sister kept everybody hungry for the entire day. She didn’t make breakfast. She might have given the food to the evil individuals in any event yet she just idea about herself. Kavita says this is a valid statement. Rubina says she discussed the strength of the individuals, I dozed early the previous evening and I have a pipe. Kavita says I asked you toward the beginning of the day what was the issue however you didn’t disclose to me that you were not inclination well. Rubina says I have the specialist’s remedy with me. Kavita says this is a significant point so we will talk about on that. She might have stayed irate with me, she made nourishment for herself however she kept others hungry who are additionally sick. She might have quit giving the food to Kavita as it were. Abhi didn’t lose his things as a result of me so it was pointless. We will discuss why Rubina didn’t carry out her responsibility today. She asks Jasmin to talk. Jasmin says Rubina said that she won’t make the food since she doesn’t care for the chief. She generally utilizes the kitchen to make issues, I actually stress over the kitchen. It’s my obligation to make the lunch, I have issues with Kavita yet I didn’t stop my obligation, I made the lunch for everybody. I generally regard the food. Rubina says Jasmin was the one saying that she won’t perform her responsibilities the previous evening. Aly said that he will make Kavita’s life damnation. Aly says Abhi revealed to me the previous evening that we won’t accomplish any work. I said that I won’t keep anybody ravenous, I disclosed to him that we are not against the prisoners so we will make the nourishment for them. Abhi discloses to Kavita that when Abhi was breaking things the previous evening, I attempted to quiet him down. Kavita says however then you proceeded to flip around the garbage bin and sat on it. You disrupted the norm yet you said that you lost the things as a result of me? Rubina says we didn’t state that. This is another assignment, don’t digress from the undertaking. We are discussing the kitchen. Jasmin says Aly never said that he won’t make food. Jasmin says Pavitra tells individuals that she will tear them however it’s out of resentment as it were. The ringer plays and the case closes. Kavita requests that they quiet down. Kavita says what happened yesterday wasn’t right and we as a whole got rebuffed for that. However, today Rubina and Abhi didn’t make food. Rubina says since I am sick. Kavita says however you were making food, you may have germs. Rubina says I disinfected everything. I can’t stay hungry for the entire day. Kavita says I have taken the choice. The most noticeably awful thing is that you deny food to individuals. Rubina says I won’t play this game on the off chance that she is playing against us. This will continue happening today, this court has been paid off. Kavita says you can say anything to me yet I am reasonable as it were. Equity is about the activities today so Jasmin and her family get the kitchen territory. Jasmin and Aly express gratitude toward her. Kavita signs the kitchen to them.

6 PM
Aly says now we will battle for the washroom.

Rubina says Kavita was paid off. Pavitra says she needs Nikki to win. Eijaz says she will make Aly the commander. Pavitra says she needs to make Aly the commander.

Kavita discloses to Nikki that they are considering Aly a hooligan, I am not his companion but rather they are.

6:15 PM
Eijaz goes to the kitchen to Rahul requests that he leave. Nikki says this is our zone. Eijaz says I need water. Jasmin says it’s his propensity. Aly requests that he take the water. Eijaz inquires as to whether they are making tea? Nikki says get lost from here. Eijaz comes to Nikki and says I need water. Nikki says give me a cup. Jasmin asks Eijaz to not touch things. Eijaz says Nikki requested that I give her a cup. Nikki gives him the water and requests that he get lost. Eijaz says what did you say? I am not leaving now. You can attempt. He comes nearer to Nikki. Pavitra asks Eijaz to not converse with her, she is ignorant. Eijaz says I am not leaving now. Jasmin says he can’t control his indignation. Nikki says Eijaz doesn’t have anything to do. Pavitra says Nikki doesn’t have some other discourse to state. Pavitra asks Aly to give her tea. Eijaz discloses to them that she will get into mischief with others as well. Pavitra says this is her habits. Eijaz comes to Nikki and says your game is terrible as well. Pavitra says she doesn’t have habits. Nikki says you simply proceed to converse with the phantoms. Pavitra says you are simply puerile. You can’t do a lot. Nikki says she doesn’t have individuals to converse with so she conversing with the apparitions now.

Bigg Boss tells the detainees that there will be a court hearing for the room now.

6:45 P

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