Bigg Boss 14 18 February 2021 Episode Written Update (18/02/2021)

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Bigg Boss 14 18th Feb 2021 Written Episode Update, Colors TV Serial “Bigg Boss 14 18 February 2021 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: emotional moment for Aly, Rubina decked up in her cultural attire!

Air Date: 18 February 2021

Full Written Update:Bigg Boss 14 18/02/2021 Episode Start with Nikki says I am not doing it. Rubina says why? Nikki says you need me to leave this way? I would prefer not to take the cash from the champ’s prize cash. I can undoubtedly acquire 6 lacs, I can purchase cosmetics of that cash however I needn’t bother with it. Rakhi says I would have considered the big picture, 6 lacs is a decent sum. Aly discloses to Nikki that my desire is vital, allowed me to sit on the seat. Nikki says my desire is significant also. Aly says think regarding it, you will get one more opportunity. Nikki says I will give you the seat later on. Aly advises Nikki to give an opportunity him. Rahul says let me talk as well. Nikki says don’t structure me around. Rahul says don’t make trouble with me. Rahul says Nikki isn’t tolerating 6 lacs so I will not have the option to remain on the seat. He leaves the cavern. Aly discloses to Nikki that you had taken 2 risks as of now, let me get another opportunity on the seat. Nikki says I lost the seat as well. I disagree with you. Aly says I can’t give you a third possibility. Nikki requests that he proceed to sit at that point. Aly says much obliged. Nikki says I can’t battle with you, I would have given you the seat, it’s fine. Aly inquires as to whether she would leave the show for 10 lacs? Rakhi says yes. Rubina says what regarding 6 lacs? Rakhi says no. Bigg Boss says the wish task has been done. Rakhi, Rubina and Aly are perched on the seats so they have won the errand. Their desires will get satisfied soon.

10 PM
Aly expresses gratitude toward Nikki. Nikki says human issue to me more than wishes. Aly embraces her and says you will know tomorrow why I did this.

Rakhi says Nikki couldn’t care less about cash, she needs to remain and battle. On the off chance that Nikki had left, Rubina would converse with me.

Aly discloses to Rahul that Rakhi took such a lot of film prior to tearing her better half’s letter.

Rubina asks Nikki what was the deal? Nikki says nothing occurred. Rubina kisses her cheek and asks what was the deal? Nikki says I have a feeling that I came in some unacceptable season. Rubina chuckles. Nikki says I have seen such countless seasons yet now individuals appear to be unique here. Rubina says we are various individuals from the previous seasons.

10:30 PM
Rahul reveals to Rakhi that we realized you would tear the letter,. Rakhi says all of you are exhausting individuals. Rahul says your air isn’t finishing, you continue to battle with individuals who would prefer not to battle.

11 PM
Rakhi asks Rubina what number of roties were made by Nikki? Rubina says I don’t have the foggiest idea, I think around 4 rotis. Rakhi says I had washed the dishes in the early evening and now we are washing the dishes once more. She requests that Rubina make Nikki work, she isn’t a princess. Rubina says she has cleaned room moreover. Rakhi says all should work similarly here. Rubina says Aly and I cook entire day then clean the kitchen so how could that be equivalent? Rakhi says Nikki should wash the dishes as well. Rubina says she has an injury on her hand. Rakhi says I have an injury as well. Rubina says you don’t have to work extra, simply perform your responsibilities. Rahul says I clean the washroom alone and now I am helping in washing the dishes. I saw Aly and Rubina cooking entire day, Nikki has an injury so I am washing the dishes with you. Rakhi says I have a clinical issue too. My hands are consuming. Rahul says you can leave, I can do it single-handedly, you don’t have to yell. Rakhi says no, I will wash all the dishes now. I will not do the show now. Rubina requests that Rakhi end it. Rakhi says I am taking care of my job. Rahul inquires as to whether she can do it calmly? Rakhi says I will say what I need to say. Rahul says then you wash a large portion of the dishes, when you are done then I will confess all the rest. I can’t hear you gab entire time. Rakhi requests that he get lost at that point, this show is tied in with talking. Rahul says what’s up with Rakhi?

11:15 PM
Rubina requests that Rahul not perfect the washroom day by day, you simply need to clean the dustbin. Aly says anybody going to scrub down can clean it. Rahul says there were so numerous hair on the floor. There were tissues there and shaver. They leave razor there as well, Nikki says eww. Rahul says individuals don’t discard their vacant cleanser bottles. Rakhi says I saw the razor there before. Nikki says for what reason didn’t she discard it? Rakhi says you can proceed to toss it now. You should keep it clean as well. Rahul says how about we settle the dishes issue. Aly says any individual who is free can clean the dishes. Rahul discloses to Nikki that on the off chance that you can’t wash the dishes, would you be able to clean the dustbin of the washroom? Nikki says I will do it however I will not spotless clean cushions and each one of those. Rakhi says then where will we put them? Nikki says simply don’t toss them on the floor.

Day 138
8 AM
The melody kesera plays and the prisoners dance.

8:30 AM
Rakhi is conversing with herself and says awaken everybody. She says Paras, Devo awaken.

9:15 AM
Rahul discloses to Aly that Rakhi utilized such a lot of espresso today. Aly asks Rakhi for what valid reason she takes such a lot of espresso? I will not offer it to you if this container goes void. Rakhi says I will give you 10 espressos leaving the house. Aly says we are utilizing one container and I gave you half of the container. I’m not going to take another container from BB Mall. I will not disrupt guidelines for you. Rakhi says I will make you disrupt norms, I have guts. Aly says you are a childish lady, get lost, I will not give you my poop any longer.

11 AM
Rakhi inquires as to whether his issue has settled with Rubina? Rahul says we are neither companions nor foes. We generally had contrasts. Rakhi says now you are companions with her so your battles were phony? Rubina says this is our life here, theoretically when we are passing on then we need to leave feelings of spite. Our Bigg Boss life is finishing so we need to leave the feelings of resentment here. Rakhi says that is decent. Rahul says now you believe it really is ideal? Rubina reveals to Rakhi that solitary two individuals have harmed me in this season, it was you and Jasmin. I just had battles with Rahul however he didn’t hurt me. I can’t battle with him for reasons unknown. Rahul says you think this is a show? What do you need us to do? We should continue to insult one another? Rakhi says did you insult her previously? Rahul says never, you won’t ever comprehend anything great. Rakhi requests that he get lost, I am not keen on talking.

12:30 PM
Aly reveals to Rubina that I will not discuss Bigg Boss show subsequent to going out. I will simply have one media collaboration and afterward I won’t discuss the show. I won’t rewatch the scenes. Rubina says you can’t flee from it. Aly says I can’t do the media talk, you perceived how the media blew up with me. I don’t care for accepting their calls, I had a major dramatization dispatch however I fled from the question and answer session. Rakhi says you individuals have such a lot of conscience, I need media, each huge star needs media so who are you individuals? Aly says Rakhi is attempting a great deal.

Rakhi comes into the washroom region and says individuals kick the bucket to stand out enough to be noticed from the media and these individuals are so proud. I keep every one of my articles with me to show them to my children later on. Aly says you are a phony lady, don’t come to request anything from me now. Rakhi says you won the inflatable errand as a result of me. Aly says you are a nalli. Rakhi says you are a nalla. Aly says I don’t have a clue how individuals live with you. Rakhi says you are so vain. Aly says you were considering me a helpless man yesterday, you continue to gloat about your cabins. Rakhi says you are poor from the heart.

2:45 PM
Bigg Boss advises the detainees that it’s hard to avoid the family. This house shows you the estimation of connections. At the point when you miss out on family events then it makes you powerless. Bigg Boss says Aly had a similar event where he was unable to be with his family when his niece was conceived. Aly cries. Bigg Boss Aly wished to see his mom and his niece, he won the errand so his desire will be satisfied. Bigg Boss requests that he come into the venue room. Aly embraces and expresses gratitude toward Nikki. Bigg Boss says different detainees will watch on TV.

Aly goes into the auditorium room and cries seeing his mom on TV. She asks how is he? Aly says I am acceptable, how are you? Aly says I missed you a ton. His mother shows his niece to him and he kisses her through TV. All detainees get enthusiastic seeing them. His mom discloses to him that we are pleased with him. Aly says I can’t remain here any longer, a few people are decent yet a few people are so terrible, they such countless awful things, they cause me to feel awful. His mother says you have controlled your outrage so well, you have discovered that. Aly says I was stressed over that, individuals say that I would prefer not to win however I can’t do counterfeit battles. His mother says you are a champ for me. Aly says I can’t phony battle with others, I can’t be phony. His mom says you are genuine and the equivalent in the house as outisde. Aly says Rahul and Rubina deal with me a ton, Nikki is exceptionally decent. His mother says Rakhi as well, give my affection to everybody. Aly inquires as to whether she conversed with Jasmin? Howdy mother says indeed, Jasmin gave you great recommendations when she returned the house. She requests that he play pleasantly now. Aly inquires as to whether he can converse with his dad? Bigg Boss says yes. His dad joins the call, Aly says I am coming out soon. Aly says I have shed pounds, his dad says yes. Aly says there is such a lot of going on that I have shed pounds. His dad says you are playing pleasantly. Aly says I simply need individuals to decide in favor of me. His dad says all are victors for me. Bigg Boss requests that Aly say bye to them now. His folks wish him karma, he says bye and the call closes. Aly expresses gratitude toward Bigg Boss and says it implies a ton to me.

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