Bigg Boss 14 11 February 2021 Episode Written Update (11/02/2021)

Bigg Boss 14 Written Updates

Bigg Boss 14 11th Feb 2021 Written Episode Update, Colors TV Serial “Bigg Boss 14 11 February 2021 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Nikki Becomes The First Finalist

Air Date: 11 February 2021

Full Written Update:Bigg Boss 14 11/02/2021 Episode Start with Rubina begins accusing her idiom she is needy for other people. Jaan says Rubina is needy. She is playing against her significant other.

2:45; BB declares that the game will begin after bazar begins. Nikki begins her game before the bazar begins. Rubina and Rahul begin contending.

3:00pm; Nikki advises Rubina to give can soon. Rakhi says we should see who wins and who free. Rubina gives stamp. Aly and Paras say to Nikki to adhere to the guidelines.

3:20pm; Rakhi snickers at Nikki saying she has nothing to flaunt now. Rahul and Nikki begin contending. Nikki affronts him saying he says he drifts more than Rubina. Nikki calls him uncertain. Rahul derides her. Jashmine says crying isn’t wrongdoing. Rakhi prods them.

3:30pm; Rubina moves basins. Nikki advises Jaan to give his hundred percent. Vindu Toshi hold the basins. Paras Aly talk about that contenders can save yet can’t make these fall. Aly contend about the guidelines. He says I will play for my own. No one will go to finale. Rubina says don’t lose your quiet. Aly begins yelling. He says I will do what I feel. Rahul is everybody is permitted to do this. Aly says he will play alone. Three individuals are causing one individual. He says shut up to Rubina. Rubina and Jashmine begin battling. Rubina says you are terrible lady.

Jashmine says you are grimy. Rubina says what are you attempting to converse with me. You are desirous of me. You are not a competitor. Jashmine for what I will be envious. I’m glad. Stress over your own significant other. Rubina says I am fine with my regard. Quit babbling. Aly attempts to stop Jashmine. Rakhi says no one should say that somebody is monstrous. Aly says he needs to lose this game. Chuckle at me. Nikki says you also snicker at me.

Rubina and Jashmine again begin battling. Jashmine says for what reason did you say shut up. Jyotika says on the side of Rubina. Aly takes represent Jashmine. Rahul says we are doing acceptable and individuals are desirous about it. Rahul says for what reason is Jyotika getting into it? I’m not conversing with you. You are more youthful and stay in your cutoff points.

3:45pm; Paras tallies the stamps and says Rubina improved. He censures Aly for playing seriously. Aly yells at him. BB requests that Paras report who will be out of the group. Paras says Aly’s name. Jashmine embraces Aly.

4:00pm; Paras says everyone can uphold whom he/she needs to. Rubina and Rahul get into contention. Rahul says don’t babble. Jashmine Aly choose to help Rahul as it were. Rahul and Rubina contend about the cross thing. Rubina says her name is composed on pail. Rahul says its Aly’s name. How might you say all containers have a place with you. Rubina advises Devoleena to leave. Rubina tells Rahul as phony and unreliable. Rakhi says Rubina will win. She will arrive at finale and I will be left alone. Rahul acquires Abhinav between the matter. He stops Rubina to provide orders. Rubina says sorry.

Day 132

4:45pm; Jaan examines game system with Paras. Devoleena says don’t contact me while I am taking care of assignment. She contends with Vindu and Rubina. Rubina says don’t act mischievously. Devoleena loses her quiet and Toshi takes her with him. Devoleena taunts Jaan saying he has no insight. Jaan says Devoleena is animation. Bazar begins. Everybody begins filling the containers. Rubina’s barrel gets filled. Devoleena says they put 4 additional cans. Paras drops them. Nikki gets disturbed. Rahul wins. Aly compliments him and embraces him. BB gets some information about the victor to Paras. Paras says Aly and Jashmine were not allies still they filled pails. So Rubina is the champ.

Aly contend with Paras saying where is it composed that we can’t help! Paras again clarifies the principles. Rahul says I am the genuine champ. You are doing it intentionally. Vindu stops Rahul and Paras. Paras says I am adhering to the appropriate standards. Rahul says you are lying. Aly says you are not Sanchalak. Devoleena blows up on Paras. She says I told that don’t confide in him.

Devoleena tosses the seat. Rahul says Paras committed error. Devoleena contends with Vindu saying why he halted her. Devoleena loses her quiet and acts wildly. Paras converses with Rubina and says they can’t process that you won. Rubina says they are attempting to belittle me. Paras says I generally followed the rules. Jashmine attempts to quiet Devoleena down. She says I know Paras well.

5:30pm; Aly peruses out the guidelines which says that Paras will again include the sacks in barrels. Rahul asks Paras for what valid reason did he see the validity out of nowhere in Rubina. Rubina says everybody objects while someone wins.


5:45pm; BB says Paras isn’t sanchalak. So he can at last tell about the correct checking of sacks.

Paras again says Rubina is the victor. BB compliments Rubina. He gives her one exceptional right. That is she can send one challenger to the finale. Rubina takes Nikki’s name as she upheld her.

BB salutes Nikki. Nikki expresses gratitude toward BB.

Precap-BB reports that prior to going to finale competitors need to forfeit extravagance financial plan. Rakhi advises she will give 14 lakh to get pass to finale. Aly yells at her adage its to an extreme. He will not allow her.

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