Bigg Boss 13: Paras said big thing about the breakup, now girlfriends told the reality

Bigg Boss 13

Bigg Boss 13 started only a few days ago, but the show remains in constant discussion. From the format of the show to the contestants, there are controversies. Paras Chhabra’s closeness with Shahnaz Gill and Mahira Sharma is seen from the very first episode. Amidst all this, the shocking thing came out that Paras has girlfriends outside the house. Now for the first time in the show, Paras talks about his girlfriend.

Paras talks to Diljit and Aarti, the other contestants of the house, and tells about their girlfriends. Paras says that he wants to breakup from Akanksha but Akanksha is very emotional, so he cannot say to her. Paras said- ‘There is love between us though we are quite different from each other. Whenever I talk about a breakup from aspiration, she starts crying.

Paras has now reacted to his statement on the show by his girlfriend Akanksha Puri. Talking to an entertainment website, Akanksha said that ‘it was quite shocking. I am very disturbed to hear this. I am not such a person to hear this and cry. I am a very strong girl and I always supported Paras. Those who know me and Paras together know how I am. ‘

Akanksha further said that ‘my family and friends are getting constant calls but the good thing is that no one questioned me. Paras’s friends are not taking this thing very serially, but he said- ‘Man, he would say anything which would have seemed a bit confusing.’ Not only this, my friends are telling me that ‘You are not like this, you make the world cry, you do not think of those who cry.’ I don’t know why Paras is saying this, maybe it is his game. ‘

On the question of marrying Paras, Akanksha said, ‘I told him to complete his show first. You can talk about marriage later but he used to say why not leave this discussion. Hope you don’t have another plan. We used to keep talking like this.


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