Bigg Boss 13: Heavy fight between Hindustani Bhau and Vishal in weekend war, family defends between


Bigg Boss 13, one of Colors TV’s most controversial reality shows, is in the news these days. Contestants keep getting entangled with each other for some reason on this show. Everyone on the show is waiting for the weekend war where Salman Khan comes and narrates the report card for the week. Now what will happen when Hindustani Bhau and Vishal Aditya will clash in front of Salman Khan.

Recently, a video of the weekend’s war has been shared from Colors TV’s official page in which the fierce fight of Bhau and Vishal Aditya is seen. In fact, Salman Khan gave a task to all the family members, in which some given tag had to be worn by a person.

Due to this task, Vishal Aditya wore Bol Bachchan’s tan Hindustani Bhau, saying, Bol Bachchan Bhau because ragas give a lot. On this, Bhau flares up and says that no Sharif is sitting here. Later, Aditya interrupts Bhau for the language and says that it is the language which I do not tolerate. If Bhau says, then let’s do one to one. Vishal said backward, more is happening now. After listening to Vishal’s words, Bhau said with his iconic dialogue, “If you are frozen, then don’t get out.”

It is shown in the video that after this talkative debate, both Vishal and Bhau stand up from the couch and come forward to fight. Later all the householders come between the two and separate them.

It has to be seen what reaction Salman Khan gives on this sudden battle. This week saw a very careless attitude of the family members in the task, now it is to be seen how Salman will take classes this week. Let me tell you that one of the members is going to be homeless this week.


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