Bigg Boss 13: Fans have asked sharp questions from contestants, Salman Khan was furious

Bigg Boss 13

One of television’s most controversial reality shows, Bigg Boss 13, has seen quite a variety of contestants. Before reaching the show, every contestant was seen shaking loose in front of Salman Khan, but everyone on the show seems to be faded and cold. In such a situation, there are many sharp questions from the audience, which will be asked today from all the families.

Recently, a video of the weekend’s war has been shared from Colors channel’s official Instagram account in which Salman Khan is seen narrating questions from the audience. This time the caller in the show has an opportunity to ask questions not through audio call but through video.

A female user asked that when you made big claims on the stage, you are not seen doing anything like this about the show yet. It can be guessed that this caller was pointing at either one of Arhan Khan and Vishal Aditya Singh. Both Vishal and Arhan had made big talks in front of Salman Khan before entering the show. After this a caller questioned Hindustani Bhau Vikas Pathak that your leadership is not visible.

Today’s weekend war will be very special for everyone because today the fans of the show will ask their questions to every corner of the country. After the questions asked by the fans, Salman Khan reprimands all the family members, what has happened to all of you. It will have to be seen how Salman Khan classes everyone.

This week one of the members of the house is going to be homeless, believe Bigg Boss news page and fan page, this week Arhan Khan is going to be eliminated. How much truth is there in this news, it will be known only after watching the show.


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