Bigg Boss 13: Bigg Boss snatches Himanshi Khurana’s claim to captivity? Paras made fun


Himanshi Khurana’s captaincy in Bigg Boss 13 has been in controversy since the beginning. The housemates alleged that they had wrongly got the captaincy, and now Bigg Boss has also questioned Himanshi’s captivity, dismissing his claim to the campancy. After hearing this announcement of Bigg Boss, Paras Chhabra starts making fun of Himanshi, which makes Himanshi emotional.

Colors TV has shared the video from the Instagram account, which shows the activities taking place in Wednesday’s episode. In this video, the voice of Big Boss is heard – every member in Bigg Boss house knows that the captain of the house is an important post. Himanshi, the way you played your captivity, was extremely disappointing. Far from having to follow the rules of the family, you were found to be violating the rules. Because of your negligence, you are also excluded from the claim of captivity.

On hearing this, Paras makes fun of snatching Himanshi’s claim. They start dancing Shefali Jariwala is angry at Paras’ antics and asks them to stay in the limits, but Paras does not listen to anyone. Himanshi becomes emotional on seeing all this and tells the householders in his cleaning – half the house is boycotted by the Captain. Go and talk to everyone. Captain Maan is no more. They are starting to enjoy it. Hypothesis also erupts at Paras and says that he is a very rude and mean man.

Salman Khan also raised questions on the weekend’s war on Himanshi’s captivity. Shefali was the director of the task, so questions were raised about the decision as well. The college task is currently going on in the house, after which the householders will claim to become captains.


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