Bigg Boss 13 4th Feb 2020 Episode Written Update (4/2/2020)

Bigg Boss 13

Bigg Boss 13 4th February 2020 Written Episode Update, Colors TV Serial “Bigg Boss 13 4 February 2020 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Press Conference with the present contestants inside the house!

Air Date: 4 February 2020

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Full Written Update: Bigg Boss 13 4/2/2020 Episode Start with Sana says to Rashmi that she is affecting her against Asim however asks her don’t it is unusual that when Himanshi came he didn’t worried about her. Rashmi remains quiet. Aarti gets the discussion together with Sana and Rashmi and Sana pardons herself. Aarti converses with Rashmi and inquires as to whether she didn’t think about Arhaan’s marriage as well. Rashmi says no and talks in the midst of the pair proceed.

Ahead, Sana says less individuals are left so how about we make a relationship. She makes Para and Mahira her mom and father, Siddharth her better half and asks Rashmi what she wats to becomes. All appreciates. Afterward, Sid asks Sana when she feels that she is excellent than why she needs others to adulate her. Sana answers to Sid and says she adores when others acclaim her. Sid offers guidance to Sana.

Sana says to Sid that he is looking reasonable. Rashmi asks Sana where she will do her marriage. Sana says at Punjab. Sid asks she won’t wed at Mumbai. Rashmi inquires as to whether he will welcome her at marriage or not. She says she is discussing Sid and Sana.

Aarti camouflage as apparition to alarms Shehnaz. Shehnaz gets terrified and Sid appreciates. Aarti alarms Asim next. Asim giggles.

Housemates awakens at the beat of melody.

Sana asks Sid to tell prepare photograph is said by whom. Sid says he will tell when

Mahira says she needs 13 days to go soon as she is worn out on doing work. Paras state she will miss everything later, Mahira says no. Paras ask her not to flaunt more and request that her make nourishment. Mahira blows up on Paras. Paras gives a be-fitting answer to Mahira and asks her not to toss frame of mind. Verbal contention occurs among Mahira and Paras. The team battles with one another.

At 12:45 PM; Mahira requests that Paras close her arm jewelery. Paras ask her not to upset her. He talks discourteously with her. Paras ask Mahira not to converse with him. Aarti hinders and asks Mahira and Paras not to contend. She requests that they hush up.

At 1:30 PM; Bigg Boss declares that Sid captaincy is over from today. He says this week nobody will be the skipper of the house. He additionally approaches the contenders to prepare for the up and coming undertaking.

Competitors meets the crowds for the question and answer session. Bigg Boss invites writers in the house. He tells about the public interview. Undertaking begins with Sid. Columnist asks Sid what transforms he felt in him in the house. Sid says he was a similar like he was in the external world hence he didn’t felt any change. Same inquiry was given by Rashmi and she clarifies them. Next, Rashmi was gotten some information about her relationship status. Rashmi says she is completely single here. Ahead, questions were put on Rashmi, Sid, Asim, Paras, Mahira and Sana.

Writer crosses questions Sid and Sana on their relationship status. Shehnaz and Sid answer them. One writer asks Asim when he has sweetheart outside than for what good reason he proposed Himanshi. Asim clears he don’t have any sweetheart outside. Journalsit gets fulfilled.

A writer asks Sana all calls her flipper which implies she isn’t faithful to anybody and continues moving. He inquires as to whether she needs to send such message to her fans. Sana protects herself and says individuals depicted her flipper thing wrongly. Be that as it may, this is her genuine character. Writers shower the inquiry on contenders and they answer them.

One Journalist tires to zest up the inquiry and pose to Paras during chess board task he was wanting to perilous Mahira. Bigg Boss hinders and asks the Journalist not to ask anything which isn’t indicated ever. Mahira and Paras requests that the writer come in the wake of getting her work done.

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