Big changes are going to happen in these rules from July 1, if not paid attention then there could be a big loss


New Delhi: In the wake of the Corona Crisis, the central government has given concessions in many things related to the common man. In addition, the government had extended several important deadlines till June 30. Now this deadline is coming to an end. However, the government has extended the deadline for filing ITRs, such as PAN-Aadhaar linking.

ATM Withdrawal Charges: After the lockdown imposed due to the corona crisis, the government had waived the charge of withdrawing cash from ATMs, saying that debit card holders could transact with any bank for three months. They will not have to pay for it. This discount expires on July 1.

Saving Account Bank Balance: From July 1, if your bank account does not have a specified minimum amount, the bank will be able to charge a penalty on it. Let it be known that so far there has been no talk of extending this exemption from June.

PF Advance: In order to provide relief to the general public in view of Corona, the Central Government had allowed the employees to withdraw funds from their PF account on prescribed conditions. The waiver was granted until June 30. From July 1, no account holder will be able to claim PF deposit.

Service tax:The last date for payment of ‘Sabka Vishwas Yojana’ introduced by the government was June 30. Benefits of this scheme will not be available from July 1. It is resolving old pending disputes related to service tax and Central Excise (GST). The government has made it clear that the deadline for the scheme will not be extended beyond June 30. Punjabi


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