Bharathi Kannamma 29th September 2022 Episode Written Update (29/9/2022)

Bharathi Kannamma TV Show Written Updates

Bharathi Kannamma 29th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Vijay TV “Bharathi Kannamma 29 September 2022 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Lakshmi is on cloud nine

Bharathi Kannamma Air Date: Bharathi Kannamma 29th September 2022

Full Written Update: Bharathi Kannamma 29/9/2022 Episode Start with He believes that how should Venba ask such abnormal assistance to him? Doesn’t she has good judgment? How is it that he could wed her when he wasn’t separated at this point. Hema takes Bharathi’s consent to go into their room. Hema tells Bharathi that she needs to converse with him. She illuminates Bharathi that she committed one mix-up so educator requests her folks to meet her tomorrow. Hema shares everything to Bharathi. Bharathi tells her that it’s not her mix-up. Be that as it may, she needs to protest to educator as opposed to battling with them.

Bharathi guaranteed to meet her instructor. Soundarya comes there and request that Hema take supper with Akhil. Soundarya grievances to Bharathi that he kills her assumptions. She felt that Bharathi will acknowledge Kannamma for saved him. Bharathi tells her that he won’t deny that Kannamma saved him. He is appreciative for her assistance however he can’t ready to acknowledge her for it failing to remember her deeds.

Venba shows her disappointment on Shanthi. She protests that she helped Bharathi a ton however he wouldn’t wed her. Shanthi imagines that Venba helped him as well as she demolished his life. Then, at that point, how he will acknowledge her. Venba got her brain voice. She attacks Shanthi. Shanthi misleads her that she will not sell out her she is a faithful to her. Venba gets a call from Rohith. She gets disappointed contemplating her marriage with Rohith. She tells her that Rohith went to fix marriage date with her mother. Venba tells her that she is very much aware of their expectation. She will persuade Bharathi and wed him.

Afterward, Lakshmi prepares to go to class. She saw that Kannamma is debilitated. She requests that Kannamma go to medical clinic. Kannamma would not take treatment. Kumar arrives at there and gains from Lakshmi that Kannamma is debilitated. Lakshmi requests that Kumar purchase breakfast for herself and take mother to emergency clinic on the off chance that she don’t feel much better.

Kumar guaranteed to help her. Kannamma tells her that Instructor will not permit Lakshmi to go to her group. She requests that she sit tight for few moments she will go with her. Lakshmi requests her to take rest and leaves. Afterward, Bharathi meets Hema’s class educator. Educator protests about Hema to Bharathi. Bharathi requests them to ask what is happening and reach a resolution.

He grumbling to her that her class understudies prodded her. He figure out the issues. Hema begs Bharathi to chat with instructor benefit of Lakshmi’s folks. Bharathi wouldn’t talk for her thinking Kannamma will make it happen. Lakshmi gets close to home when he wouldn’t help her. Bharathi reminds Kannamma’s assistance to save him. Bharathi chats with educator sake of Kannamma. Soundarya gets glad to see it.

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