Bharathi Kannamma 26th November 2022 Episode Written Update (26/11/2022)

Bharathi Kannamma TV Show Written Updates

Bharathi Kannamma 26th November 2022 Written Episode Update, Vijay TV “Bharathi Kannamma 26 November 2022 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Venba’s henchmen sold Hema to Human trafficking

Bharathi Kannamma Air Date: Bharathi Kannamma 26th November 2022

Full Written Update: Bharathi Kannamma 26/11/2022 Episode Start with Akhil requesting that Soundarya eat something. She is resolute not to eat anything until she get any data about Hema. Akhil guarantees her that police will find that vehicle pronto. Anjali requests that Kannamma eat anything. She really wants solidarity to fing her at any rate. Kannamma is inflexible not to eat anything until she track down her girl. Afterward, Hooligan brings the Settu close to Muthu. He shows Hema to him. He adds that he enjoyed the young lady last time they offer to him. This time they gambled to grabbed this young lady. She is from rich family. Settu offer 10 lakhs for her. Muthu requests him to give 20 lakhs for her thinking she is from rich family.

Settu chats with his chief and consents to that arrangement. They requests him to assist him with crossing the boundary. They moves Hema into the truck. Hema begs them to leave her. Settu requests her to quiet down. Hema keeps very in dread. Settu is drinking inside the truck and moving before Hema. In the interim, Akhil looking for Hema all over. Truck going to hit Akhil. The driver chides Akhil for going across the street without seeing the truck. Akhil apologize to him for his error.

Kannamma and Soundarya comes there to check regardless of whether Akhil is fine? Muthu requests the driver to leave seeing Kannamma. He fears to get found out. They leaves from that point. Soundarya asks Akhil what was the deal? Akhil tells her that he didn’t saw the truck in pressure. He gets some information about him and begin look for her. In the mean time, Venba believes that Muthu guaranteed to offer Hema to illegal exploitation. Be that as it may, he didn’t called her yet. Venba calls Muthu to affirm about it. Muthu illuminates her that Arrangement was finished. He previously offered Hema to them. Indeed, even they received cash consequently.

Venba gets glad to hear it. Muthu illuminates her that they are go with them close to line region. They will settle remaining sum after they crossed the line region. Venba asks him how long they need to cross the boundary. Muthu requests that her nothing stress. They will not get found out. They previously sold numerous young ladies like that. Venba requests him to say how long requirements to cross the boundary? He imparts to her only 1 hour enough. Venba requests him to call her after they crossed the line. Muthu guarantees her. Venba feels that Kannamma was beyond happy after she halted her wedding. She assumed she won her. She will offer Hema to illegal exploitation. Her adorable girl going to experience in her life. Kannamma will weep for her deep rooted.

In the interim, Kannamma descends her leg begins dying. Soundarya asks her to medical aid to her injury. Kannamma isn’t prepared to medical aid to her injury thinking she needs to track down Hema. She as of now facial hair many agony in her day to day existence. It’s nothing contrasted with it. Soundarya medical aid to her injury.

Kannamma imparts to Soundarya that she fears that she can’t ready to see Hema from now on. She needs to track down Hema today itself. Soundarya requests that Akhil talk with police about it. He guarantees her that he is looking for her as well. Kannamma implores god to help her track down Hema. She begs god to don’t separate her little girl from her.

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