Bharathi Kannamma 21st November 2022 Episode Written Update (21/11/2022)

Bharathi Kannamma TV Show Written Updates

Bharathi Kannamma 21st November 2022 Written Episode Update, Vijay TV “Bharathi Kannamma 21 November 2022 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Bharathi’s firm decision

Bharathi Kannamma Air Date: Bharathi Kannamma 21st November 2022

Full Written Update: Bharathi Kannamma 21/11/2022 Episode Start with Kannamma saw Vanitha at the clinic. She asks Vanitha about her wellbeing? She guaranteed her that she is improving. Child get bug for that reason she takes her child here for standard examination. Kannamma tells her that weather conditions isn’t great. Coming down Wherever that is the reason childrence contracted bug and fever quickly. She requests that she give the medication to Child on time. Bharathi saw Vanitha chatting with Kannamma. Kannamma asks Vanitha about her life? Doesn’t her significant other taking a decent consideration on her? Vanitha tells her that he is acting most awful at this point. Kannamma asks her doesn’t he expressed gratitude toward Bharathi for effectively defended herself by taking DNA test.

Vanitha tells her that he treated her well in nowadays. Yet, he began acting most horrendously terrible after he went to Town. Somebody inciting him against her. He is denouncing her for changed the DNA test results. He says that she gave cash to Bharathi to change the outcomes. He will not do such demonstration. He adds that child appearing to be unique. Vanitha says that it’s difficult for her to live with a psycho. She chose to continue on from her life. She requested that legal counselor give separate. She tells her that she shouldn’t squander her life for him.

Kannamma feels awful for her. Vanitha adds that Kannamma and Bharathi wishes to see her having a blissful existence with her significant other. Yet, he don’t merit her. Bharathi imagines that nobody permitted to play with him in DNA test result. He wishes to take that report before somebody comes to be aware of it. Afterward, Hema believes that Lakshmi may mindful who is her dad? Hema requests that Lakshmi say do she like her or not? Lakshmi tells her that she enjoys her a great deal. Hema requests Lakshmi to swear on her head doesn’t she realize who is her father? Hema tells her that she shouldn’t deceive her. Something will happen to her assuming she lie. Lakshmi shares with her that she know him. Hema asks her for what good reason she is concealing reality from her? Lakshmi tells her that Mother requested that she conceal this matter from her? Hema asks her for what reason would she say she is concealing it from her? Lakshmi tells her that nobody told her who is her dad?

She used to inconvenience mother to find out about her dad. She isn’t prepared to uncover reality to her. So she began asking about it and track down reality. Lakshmi requests Hema to don’t get some information about him to her. Hema imagines that she needs to figure out who is her dad. Afterward, Bharathi meets Selvaraj and really looks at his wellbeing. His significant other say thanks to him for his assistance. Bharathi tells her that he is his old worker. It’s his obligation to deal with him. In the mean time, Bharathi agonizing over the DNA test. He feels that he shouldn’t face challenge in this. He calls the expert and asks him when will he get DNA test result? He guaranteed him that he will get it in three days. Bharathi asks him does he permitted to gather the report from Delhi. Specialist lets him know that he will send email to him quickly. Bharathi is resolute in his choice. He allows to Bharathi.

Bharathi feels that he shouldn’t permit anybody to make a story once more. He books the pass to go to Delhi. He wishes to conceal reality from all until he comes by the outcomes in her grasp. Afterward, Soundarya calls Kannamma and asks her about both childrens. Kannamma guarantees her that both are getting along admirably. Soundary tells her that Bharathi missing her a ton. Kannamma shares with her that she isn’t looking for him yet continuously alarming her to uncover who is her dad? Kannamma shares her distress to her. Kannamma adds that Hema loathing Bharathi. How might she uncover reality to her in such circumstance? Imagine a scenario in which she start disdain him more after get familiar with reality. Soundarya concurs with her.

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