Bharathi Kannamma 20th September 2022 Episode Written Update (20/9/2022)

Bharathi Kannamma TV Show Written Updates

Bharathi Kannamma 20th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Vijay TV “Bharathi Kannamma 20 September 2022 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Lakshmi learns the truth

Bharathi Kannamma Air Date: Bharathi Kannamma 20th September 2022

Full Written Update: Bharathi Kannamma 20/9/2022 Episode Start with She prods her that she is sparkling after she fixed her marriage with Rohith. Venba requested that she quit babbling. Sharmila comes clean with her that it’s nevertheless she isn’t prepared to acknowledge it. Sharmila leaves from that point. Shanthi gazes Venba in disarray.

Venba requests her to leave from thete however Shanthi alarms her that she questions Venba is pregnant. Venba attacks her. Afterward, Saho asks Rathnam when will they satisfy their requests. Rathnam grievances to him that he was shooting individuals decisively its off-base. Saho imparts to him that he killed his sibling it’s essentially right on the money. He killed him since he done a mix-up. Rathnam lets him know that he is thinking about him as a day to day existence as well. He adds that his requests were profoundly risk one.

Government won’t deliver 20 fear based oppressor together. 500 crores exchange and weapons. Satisfying his demands is incomprehensible. Government denied his interest. Assuming that he give another choice they will converse with government in the future for him. Saho imparts to him that he said their choice. Presently it’s his chance to show his power. It’s inappropriate to chat with them in delicate tone. He will show his genuine face to them. Jessy fears that they will take a few wrong maneuvers. In the interim, Saho requests that his group get ready. They takes Hema from that point. Lakshmi stops them and request psychological oppressor to take her with them alongside Hema. They takes the children from that point.

Soundarya saw kids were under firearm point. She fears something will wrong happen to them. Saho declares to everybody that Administration not prepared to satisfy their order. On the off chance that they don’t stand by listening to them then he will kill these two children first. Doesn’t he delivered 10 prisoners when government delivered Selvam. He requested them to satisfy their requests in 60 minutes. Afterward, Soundarya imparts to Venu that all her relatives were trapped in emergency clinic.

As of now they were tormenting Bharathi in discrete room. Vickram guaranteed to her that nothing will happen to kids. Afterward, Jessy tells Rathnam that they were conversing with them delicate that is the reason Psychological militant are playing with them. Lets make a quick move against them. Rathnam advises her that they needs to answer everybody. Rathnam and Jessy are actually looking at Viswa’s dead body. They tracks down a paper in his pocket. Kannamma who noticed the blue print in it and put it his Viswa’s pocket. Rathnam feels thankful after gets a better approach to go into Emergency clinic. Rathnam questions who send this blue print to them.

Hema cries in dread. Kannamma consoles them. Kannamma asks Lakshmi what’s the need to go behind Psychological militant. Lakshmi imparts to her that she will not sit calm assuming something happen to Hema. She adds that she is looking like Kannamma in all things. She needs to be intense like her. She requests that she rest. Kannamma and Anjali are examining about Lakshmi and Hema’s bond. Kannamma tells her that they were twins that is the reason they are keeping a decent bond. Lakshmi hears it and defies Kannamma. Kannamma acknowledges it. Lakshmi is glad to learn it. Kannamma uncovers reality to Lakshmi

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