Bharathi Kannamma 20th August 2022 Episode Written Update (20/8/2022)

Bharathi Kannamma TV Show Written Updates

Bharathi Kannamma 20th August 2022 Written Episode Update, Zee “Bharathi Kannamma 20 August 2022 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Rohith spends time with Venba

Bharathi Kannamma Air Date: Bharathi Kannamma 20th August 2022

Full Written Update: Bharathi Kannamma 20/8/2022 Episode Start with she was intellectually ready to bargain everything. Akhil tells her that even Venba didn’t anticipated that wind by any means.

Venu asks her where could Bharathi be? She tells him it’s his dear companion commitment so he might be occupied. After she got hitched how might she invested energy with Bharathi. Kannamma comes there. Soundarya enquires her where could kids be? She tells her that children went to eat frozen yogurt. On the manner in which she gave fitting answer to somebody. Anjali asks her who is that? Soundarya tells her doesn’t she comprehend whom she referencing about? Anjali tells her that she sees nearly nothing. Kannamma tells her instructing class to her is significant.

Rohith comes there and say thanks to Soundarya for her assistance. She lets him know what’s the need to say thanks to her? Rohith tells her that he didn’t anticipated that she should take on him before all to save his face. Soundarya tells him that she didn’t expected Venba will say like that dramatic. Rohith tells her he is truly grateful when did she acknowledged him as her child.

Akhil guarantees him that he can ask any assistance to him. He embraces him in joy. Kannamma lets him know that she used to specify him as sibling. Remember her when did he get new family. In the interim Venba is aggravated by Kannamma’s way of behaving. She believes that she didn’t anticipated that she should prod her along these lines. Shanthi comes her to welcome Venba to give posture to photograph. Venba attacks her to leave.

Bharathi comes there and compliments her for her commitment. Bharathi tells her she would have hitched before. It’s great their wedded end. Assuming that they wedded means it’s wound up in huge issue. Rohith is a decent individual and a decent match to her. Venba asks him doesn’t he worry of her sentiments? Isn’t he realize she adoring him and hanging tight for him these numerous years then how might she wedded to Rohith.

Bharathi shares with her that he was in blameworthy seeing her not wedding anybody and squandering her life for him. Venba lets him know that he don’t think of her as sentiments at that is the reason he is lauding her jodi. He sold out her and demolished her life. She is a bonehead to hang tight for him these numerous years. Bharathi asks her Is he at any point said he adores her or wed her? As of now he has numerous issues to tackle in his life. Try not to give more issues to her. He attacks her and leaves.

Later Lakshmi feels miserable contemplating Hema. Kannamma asks her for what valid reason did she look dull? Lakshmi offers to her that Bharathi going to move Hema to another school. Kannamma asks her whom expressed this to her? Lakshmi offers to her that she reached her companion to accomplish home work. She informed to her Bharathi talked with Teacher about this.

She can’t ready to acknowledge this. She used to see father when will he drop her in school Kannamma guarantees her that he will not do this way. Later Shanthi gets back to Venba to return home yet she denies it. Venba is aggravated by her commitment and believes its generally her karma hitting her back. Rohith comes there in an inebriated state. She requests him to leave from that point.

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