Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hain: His onscreen mother is many years younger than Tiwari ji, know the story of ‘Amma ji’ aka Soma Rathore


Amma ji’s character in the show ‘Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai’ makes all the audience laugh. Only for a short time, whenever she comes on screen, she gets a smile on the viewer’s face. The more Amma ji considers her daughter-in-law, the more she scolds her son and calls him ‘bull’. Soma Rathod plays this character. Amma ji’s comic timing is made in this comedy show. Let’s know the special things related to them –

You will be surprised to know that Soma is many years younger than her onscreen son Manmohan Tiwari. According to information on the Internet, where Soma is 40 years old. At the same time, Manmohan Tiwari means that Rohitas Gaur is 54 years old. Shubhangi Atre, who plays his daughter-in-law Angoori, is just a year younger than him. Despite such a gap of age, Soma plays Amma ji’s character very beautifully.

Soma’s thick body makes him perfect for the role of Amma ji i.e. Ramkali. But she was not always so fat. According to media reports, she got divorced from her husband years ago. Due to separation from her husband, she suffered depression which affected her health and her weight increased greatly.

Please tell that Soma was married when she was 23 years old. She met her husband through social media, both of them fell in love and got married. Their relationship lasted for 10 years. Due to tension in the relationship, the two decided to separate and got divorced.

Talking about his childhood, Soma was born in Raipur but after some time his parents moved to Nepal with him. After this, his family also lived in Assam for some time.


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