Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 5 April 2021 Episode Written Update (05/04/2021)

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai Written Updates

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 5th Apr 2021 Written Episode Update, &TV Serial “Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 5 April 2021 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Anita And Vibhuti Have A Baby

Air Date: 5 April 2021

Full Written Update: Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 5/04/2021 Episode Start with Vibhu strolls to Anu camouflaged as Daku Swami, Anu says Eww change the tone I don’t care for it go change and return, Vibhu says OK and says I am Daku Dakait Singh, Anu says goodness one is home, I am.all.alome, Vibhu says wow such beautiful young lady alone, keep a body watch like me, Anu says how might you come inside at that point, Vibhu begins snickering, Anu and Vibhu sing a melody and invest heartfelt energy, Phone rings, Vibhu gets bothered and sees Anu has call from Daddy, Vibhu requests to keep telephone on speaker, Anu says yet be very he doesn’t care for you much.

Daddy asks Anu how is she, Anu says you are calling 12 years after the fact, Anu and Daddy quarrel about their past contrasts, Daddy asks how does your significant other respond, Anu says how might you realize you called after so long,y face is changed mishap, and about Vibhu he is CEO of MNC, and 5 Cr bundle, Daddy says I am coming to see you and your better half, I need to apologize your better half, we didn’t care for him by any means, nobody loved him by any stretch of the imagination, Anu says he is an alternate man now, Daddy says alright I am coming to see him then bye. Vibhu says we have full evidence plan dont stress.

Angoori strolls to Tiwari and gives him milk, Tiwari says business is in misfortune, Angoori says it will improve have this milk, Tiwari drinks, Angoori asks how it is, Tiwari says common, and I am stressed abouty business, Angoori says kids are likewise significant, Tiwari says let us get done with this first, and chastens her, Angoori upset.

Tiwari on call.comgratulate Panday on Twins, he sees Vibhu and Anu with a child and in stun, Anu and Vibhu cautiously returning home, Tiwari asks what everything is this, Anu says he is my child, Tiwari asks when, Anu says at some point back, Tiwari in stun says how could that be, Vibhu and Anu chide Tiwari and leave.Tiwari begins crying.

Vibhu and Anu talk about that it is acceptable that neighbors accepted we really have a child, Anu says you knownkts a doll right, Vibhu says yes and. it cries so charming, Helan strolls in and asks whoes child is that, Anu says yiur grandson, Vibhu murmurs reveal to her fact she is wreck, Anu says lets play for at some point, Vibhu says alright, Helan asks whose infant is that, Anu says OK and tells entire truth and her daddy is coming, and her father likes kid thus this doll.

Tiwari crying at tea slow down, Tilu and Malkan stroll there examining about young lady Malkan os intrigued, Malkan says I am intrigued to acknowledge her with her child, he is two old thus blameless, and appears as though me, Tilu mimics crying infant, Tiwari blows up and slaps them, Tilu says we are examining ourselves what’s up with you, Vibhu strolls to them and says I have transitory occupation 5 days 5000₹, Tiwari asks is this for infant, Vibhu says no children grandpa, Vibhu requests that Tilu Malkan carry on infront of Anita’s daddy, Tiwari asks how is bhabhiji, Vibhu says good,and says we need female worker as well, Tiwari shave and come and in the event that he loves you, you will play in cash, Tiwari blows up and leaves.

Angoori cooking in kitchen, Vibhu says smells so delectable, Angoori says yes cooking shahi paneer and gulan jamun, and requests that Vibhu taste, Vibhu says scrumptious, Angoori says I cooked utilizing Rajesh Shahi Paneer Masala and they have numerous other masala as well and Flour is from their image as well, Vibhu tastez Gulab Jamun says exceptionally yummy, Angoori says I utilized Rajesh milk powder

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