Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 23 February 2021 Episode Written Update (23/02/2021)

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai Written Updates

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 23rd Feb 2021 Written Episode Update, &TV Serial “Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 23 February 2021 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Anita Decides To Help Tilu Under Her NGO

Air Date: 23 February 2021

Full Written Update: Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 23/02/2021 Episode Start with Tilu says to Tiwari what garbage is this, for what reason did you dunk my finger in hot tea, Tiwari says I am sorry I was simply checking how hot is the tea, OK you need pay right accompany me, Tilu goes with Tiwari, Tiwari squeezes him hard, Tilu yells in torment, and flees. Teeka having tea and bread rolls, Tilu says your companion is in torment and you want to have tea and rolls, Teeka says shut up, recent hour I am asking you what’s going on with you, however you’re not replying, Tilu says you have no clue about how I am tormented, Teeka says open your mouth, Tilu reveals to Teeka entire situation and starts crying,

Teeka thinks Tiwari attacked Tilu, Teeka says gives up police headquarters and hotel grumbling, Tilu says police wont hear us out, it will just tune in to rich, Teeka says where will we poor go, Anu strolls to them and says you don’t have to go anyplace, and says all helpless will be given equity presently, advise me in detail who fouled up to you, Tilu discloses to her he went to Tiwari’s home and entire story, Anu says you uncovered this torment, Teeka says what to do we are poor, Anu says this isn’t right reasoning, a poor can do anything, don’t cry, these tears will be your solidarity.

Angoori exceptionally annoyed with Tiwaris conduct says I never figured Tiwari will be so inhumane, Angoori calls Amaji and grumblings about Tiwari’s conduct, Amaji thinks he is doing this on my guidelines and says to Angoori that on occasion you need to treat workers along these lines, Angoori says I don’t trust you saying this, you treat Tilu as your child, you hurt me as well, bye I will call you later.

Tiwari strolls to Angoori and asks who you were conversing with, Angoori says don’t converse with me, I didn’t care for your conduct towards Tilu, I won’t ever pardon you, he is a human as well, Tiwari figures I can’t come clean with you, Tiwari says fail to remember all that draw close to me, its so sentimental climate, Angoori says stay away and leaves.

Anu gets Tilu home, Tilu cries, Anu says don’t cry, I am with you, Tilu says nothing will work, Anu says I will battle for you, Tilu says how might I deal with a legal counselor, Vibhu strolls to them in a suit, Anu reveals to Vibhu that Tilu is being tormented by Tiwari, Vibhu says I will battle for him, shouldn’t something be said about charges, Tilu says poor have quite recently dignity and Tiwari attacked even that, Anu says kindly be touchy and sympathize with his torment and imagine a scenario in which you were in his place, Vibhu says cmon Anu, OK I will contemplate his case and battle for him, and asks Tilu where did he get injured, Tilu says come inside with me.

Vibhu and Anu in room, Vibhu says great evening, Anu says get up, take a gander at me I am disturbed, Vibhu says you get influenced by easily overlooked details, Anu says Tilu is guiltless, Vibhu says in what point, Anu says look from my perspective, helpless child is upset, helpless person is tormented and cant stand, Vibhu says study the two sides Anu, Anu says I did and I see a helpless person on one side and a rich manager on other and he is upsetting his worker, Vibhu says Anu quit extending it, Anu says alright request that Tiwari pay 3 Cr remuneration to Tilu, Vibhu says OK I will.

Tiwari attempts to play with Angoori and persuade her, Angoori extremely annoyed with him and requests that he apologize to Tilu, Tiwari says I wont, Angoori says such a lot of pride isn’t acceptable, even ravan didn’t have such a lot of pride, Tiwari says you are contrasting me with ravan, Vibhu strolls in and says you don’t reserve any privilege to be contrasted with Ravan as he was savvy and I am here as promoter to Tilu and you torment your worker and a NGO has sent you this notification, Tiwari asks who runs this NGO, Vibhu says Anu, Tiwari chuckles, Vibhu says don’t snicker read it so anyone might hear, Tiwari peruses that NGO is suing for 3 Cr for tormenting his representatives, Angoori says pay 3 Cr and close this, Tiwari says shut up and requests that Vibhu leave and put-downs him.

Vibhu says alright see you in court. Anu accessible as needs be says send me all the data and send our group, Tiwari strolls in, Anu asks what you need Mr. Tiwari, Tiwari says what’s going on bhabhiji, you sent Vibhu, Anu says he is my attorney and I requested that I go to you with that notice, Tiwari says I don’t have that sum, Anu says lets see you in court, Tiwari says that isn’t reasonable, Anu says was that reasonable how you dealt with Tilu, Tiwari says I didn’t torment him the manner in which he is imagining, Anu says pay him 3 Cr as pay, Tiwari says it is excessively, Anu says don’t burn through my time.

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