Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 21 July 2021 Episode Written Update (21/07/2021)

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai Written Updates

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 21st July 2021 Written Episode Update, &TV Serial Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 21 July 2021 Written Update on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Angoori Hurt By Tiwari

Air Date: 21 July 2021

Full Written Update: Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 21/07/2021 Episode Start with Vibhu and Helan sitting together. Helan says to Vibhu what befall Anu is she gone frantic. Vibhu says she is doing when we come from Chhaave Jholkar house, is she doing dramatization. Helan says however what she will get from doing this show. Vibhu says Chhaave Jholkar is dead year prior. Anu enter corridor while singing and spruced up. Vibhu asks Anu where are you doing looking good. Chhaave say’s first thing I’m not Anu my name is Chhaave Jholkar and who are you to ask me where am I going. Vibhu says I’m your better half. Chhaave Jholkar grin and says you are my significant other. Vibhu says yes I’m your better half. Chhaave says in the event that you’re my significant other, slap. Vibhu says I’m a refined man.

Chhaave says keep your way of life with you, I’m not your eife I can slap you, Chhaave slaps and go. Vibhu gets shock and goes to Helan says did you see anything. Helan says yes I saw she slapped you. Vibhu says that slap was not of Anu it was of Chhaave Jholkar. Tiwari in his room saying to himself when did this Anu became Chhaave Jholkar didn’t got a clue for that and I’m stunned subsequent to seeing her striking nature. Angoori come and says for what reason are you spruced up such a great amount at evening are you in heartfelt temperament. Tiwari says I’m going out, my companion’s granddad passed on so going in his memorial service. Tiwari says you can proceed to rest. Angoori smells and says you sre going in burial service for what reason did you put on fragrance.

Tiwari says my companions granddad was carefree sort of and he said at whatever point I bite the dust everybody ought to be looking good. Angoori says I have not been to burial service from numerous days would i be able to accompany you. Tiwari says that is just for male. Angoori says stand by bring blossom and says if it’s not too much trouble, offer this to granddad and give sympathies from my side I’ll appeal to God for him. Tiwari says would i be able to leave now. Tiwari goes to wilderness frightened saying where did Anu called me. Chhaave Jholkar singing tune and come asks him how are you. Tiwari says I’m acceptable. Chhaave says as much did you bring what I requested.

Tiwari says yes here is your jug and a few snacks as well. Chhaave pours drink and says to him drink this entire glass in one says 1,2,3 and drink, so did it went in your stomach. Tiwari says yes. Chhaave says come currently lets dance. Chhaave and Tiwari begin moving and Vibhu sees them from distance. Angoori chatting on telephone with Doctor says he went to memorial service last evening and when he come from that point he began vomiting, specialist says something and hungs up telephone. Tiwari come and Angoori asks what you had last evening. Tiwari says I had desi drink. Angoori says specialist was additionally saying same. Vibhu come and begin ridiculing him says you are bad man, says you are taking grom my home.

Angoori says what are you saying Vibhu, Tiwari got heaps of cash he won’t take he got crores of cash in safe, kitchen and beneath these tile where you are standing. Tiwari says say her beginning and end so he can call annual expense official at our home. Vibhu says he is after my significant other I saw you and Anu moving on some awful tune. Angoori says shutup don’t utter a word about Tiwari he is straightforward individual. Vibhu says I’m unfortunately he isn’t straightforward. Angoori says what is he saying you disclosed to me that you went to burial service of your companions granddad in case this isn’t right I’ll call daddy and will leave you until the end of time. Tiwari says what let me clarify, says sorry to Vibhu and disclose to I think Anu isn’t a similar individual as in the past.

Vibhu says she isn’t herself and says she is Chhaave Jholkar. Tiwari says yes and she calls me Ganpat and she undermined me on the off chance that I didn’t move and sing with her she won’t do great with me and mishandled my mom and sister in marathi, I’m saying valid. Vibhu, Tiwari and Angoori hear melody. Vibhu say’s somebody is moving on road. Anu, TMT and pelu moving and singing on road. Tiwari goes to Anu and begin moving. Vibhu says I need to show you this solitary now you can see. Angoori says I’m harmed subsequent to seeing Anu and Tiwari moving this way. Vibhu says I’m harmed too seeing Tiwari and Anu moving this way. Angoori yells and heads inside while crying, for what reason didn’t I kick the bucket prior to seeing this.

Vibhu says for what reason are you crying its not your deficiency. Angoori says I can’t consider separate, we can rebuff them now we need to move together like them. Vibhu says I like your thought I would adore as well yet I’m pitiful in the wake of seeing Anita’s wellbeing I can’t move like that. Angoori says it’s alright in case she is hitting the dance floor with another person spouse. Vibhu says on the off chance that it would be another person I would have send him to ICU. Angoori says I need Tiwari should feel same way I’m feeling at present, in the event that he can hit the dance floor with somebody untouchable, I can as well, say something please how about we begin moving on the off chance that you will think such a lot of I’ll call Garra pehelean and begin hitting the dance floor with him. Vibhu says I will not allow you to hit the dance floor with somebody obscure.

Angoori says and your significant other hitting the dance floor with another person spouse. Vibhu says I’ll move. Tiwari and Anu in rikshaw going to some place. Tiwari says Anu where are we going in this cart. Anu says how long I disclosed to you that my name is Chhaave and posting one thing that you’re my Ganpat. Tiwari rehash everything. Chhaave says first say in marathi. Chhaave says say back to me. Tiwari says what are you requesting that I say, don’t send me to imprison, says to pelu would you be able to get what is she saying. Pelu gives a slip saying I can compose not talk. Chhaave says now you will rehash after me or, more than likely I’ll slap you. Chhaave says in marathi. Tiwari says what are you attempting to say and begin reddening.

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