Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 19 January 2021 Episode Written Update (19/01/2021)

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai Written Updates

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 19th Jan 2021 Written Episode Update, &TV Serial “Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 19 January 2021 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Vibhuti Gifts Angoori Magic Phone

Air Date: 19 January 2021

Full Written Update: Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 19/01/2021 Episode Start with Angoori upset because of Rajus passing, Tiwari attempts to persuade her to have food, Angoori says she doesnt want to have food, I simply see his face, Tiwari says you should for purpose of Raju, im so envious, Angoori says don’t be, he said you are acceptable man, Angoori says I will appeal to god that I discover Raju again next life, Tiwari inquires as to myself, Angoori says I will supplicate you become Goat abd Raju my significant other, Tiwari says OK have food, Angoori says I cant I will rest and dream about him.

Angoori overhang crying missing Raju, Vibhu sees her and feels awful, Angoori sings a miserable melody, Vibhu says im so over whelmed and says for first time im not envious seeing her affection another person and I will decrease her torment. Malkan crying at tea slow down, Tilu asks what occurred, Malkan says he got 2000 and failed to remember my companionship, Tilu says change my name in the event that I dont get that cash from him and shrouds seeing Teeka.

Teeka strolls to tea slow down with liquor, Malkan requests that he share, Teeka denies, Tilu calls Teeka saying its his garndpa from paradise, Vibhu watching them. Teeka says Grandpa all great, Tilu says all great and I can see you attractive, Teeka asks where are you yet, Tilu says paradise, in any case how are you, Teeka says awesome and what regarding you, Tilu says I am being moved from paradise to hellfire as a result of you, took 2000 from street and appreciating alone, share it with your companions, I see your companion next to Malkan, share with him give him that bottle.

Teeka says OK and hands container to Malkan, Tilu says hand the change as well, Teeka says OK and hands to Malkan. Tilu says OK I will call you again bye miss your grandpa and lovely women are hanging tight for me. Tilu strolls to Malkan and both leave. Teeka enthusiastic that his grandpa called and afterward figures when did my garndpa kicked the bucket and figures its Tilu who tricked and flees. Vibhu says I got a thought.

Tiwari visits Anu, and asks you called me desperately whats the issue, Anu says recall you enlightened me concerning after 40 issues of men, so I think Vibhu has an unsanctioned romance, Tiwari asks how would you know, Anu says I made him his scrumptious kheer and Meenal disclosed to me this is obvious indicator that he engages in extramarital relations, Tiwari says yet doesn’t have great looks nor cash, Anu says my Vibhu is so attractive, and I need to accomplish something, Tiwari says you do an undertaking as well, Anu says shut up, TMT stroll in, Tilu says come aside we need to reveal to you something, Tiwari says advise me here, Tilu says give me my compensation.

Tiwari has a thought and asks Anu would he be able to designate TMT as spy, Anu says smart thought. Tiwari requests that TMT spy on Vibhu, Anu says I will pay 10000 each, Tilu says your work will be done, we will illuminate everything about, asks Tiwari for advance, Anu gives them cold looks they leave.

Vibhu visits Angoori and sees she is disturbed, Vibhu says in the event that you stay upset his spirit wont be tranquil, Vibhu reveals to Angoori that he had befriended a reptile and misses her and afterward he mate a baba and told about Angooris case as well and baba said yes and gave me sorcery telephone, its mysterious telephone this will associate you to Raju, simply press the green catch and simply keep it between us or the association will break, and call at 1.30 am, Angoori says alright, and I want to accomplish something with you, Vibhu gets stunned and says we will cross lines, Angoori says how does contacting your feet makes crossing line, Vibhu says OK call bye.

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