Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 15 July 2021 Episode Written Update (15/07/2021)

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai Written Updates

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 15th July 2021 Written Episode Update, &TV Serial Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 15 July 2021 Written Update on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Vibhuti’s Trick To Sell Umbrella

Air Date: 15 July 2021

Full Written Update: Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 15/07/2021 Episode Start with Tiwari on sitting on couch and says to Angoori just 70rs of 2lakhs I thought Vibhu is devious yet your accomplice is out in front of him. Angoori says Vibhu is my accomplice. Tiwari swoons, and says you are working with that jobless individual he has level of making fool out of individuals. Angoori gets call from Ammaji she picks and welcomes her. Ammaji says I’m alright however for what reason are you crying. Angoori says Tiwari is saying me to shutup.

Ammaji says put telephone on speaker. Tiwari welcomes her and Ammaji says what happen for what reason are you saying her to shutup dont you realize I thought you to talk, how might you recollect you were just 2 year old around then. Angoori says to Ammaji you don’t take pressure Tiwari just reprimanded me with affection all is great. Ammaji says what he said. Angoori says he said I’m fool I don’t have cerebrum yet that was with affection. Ammaji says I’m likewise saying with adoration if Angoori gets any difficulty from you I’ll show you something new and hungs up telephone.

Angoori says milkman was requesting 70rs. Tiwari yells on her and Angoori flee. Vibhu sitting in couch and Anu come ask hows everything going on. Vibhu says we are attempting its like a child it will develop it will require some investment. Anu says I can’t see trust in you. Vibhu say’s I’m attempting assuming it won’t rain, that is not my deficiency, we are attempting. Anu says for what reason wouldn’t i be able to see your difficult you what Vibhu I can see your reasons I should give you separate from I can’t deal with this any longer. TMT sitting and having drinks. Vibhu says to them the manner in which we are selling Umbrella I don’t figure we will actually want to sell till next season.

Malkhan says you are attempting to do our good down. Tillu says don’t stress all that will sell. Tiwari come and says thankgod you meet us come give me my cash. Vibhu says what cash. Tiwari says the cash which I provided for Angoori to keep and you took from her. Teeka says to Tiwari talk yo our manager with deference. Vibhu says pardon me Mr. Tiwari posting first thing I took cash from her she isn’t youngster she is grown-up and I took cash from my accomplice who are you.

Tiwari says that accomplice is my better half and I need my cash. Vibhu says I put that cash in business and the money is moving I’ll return you your cash. Tiwari says yet I need that cash back on the grounds that I need to give somebody. Tillu says my modest chief assuming you need to return that cash so early why did you give. Vibhu says my employe is correct and tell that individual he will get his cash back. Tiwari says Anu won’t stand by I took cash from her by saying falsehood and he understood what he said to Vinbu.

Vibhu says you took cash from Anu and gave that cash to Angoori it was me or you would have lost that cash. Tiwari says yet I need my cash back at this point. Vibhu yells on him and says in the event that you said any longer word I’ll proceed to disclose to Anu everything and you go through that cash in drink and betting. TMT and Vibhu begin proceeding there part. Tiwari says cause one glass for me no one to pay attention to him he yells and leave. Vibhu says all around done young men and good health. Vibhu go to his room calling Anu.

Anu tosses pad into his hands and says kindly go from here I would prefer not to see your face. Vibhu says my brain is acceptable and need to see your face. Anu says should I break your head, I would prefer not to converse with you. Vibhu says should I talk heartfelt. Anu says goodness please with your sentiment we won’t get spread on bread or panner or ring to wear in fingers. Vibhu says yet you’ll get love I’ll not leave you. Anu say’s you’ll main thing. Vibhu says I’ll sing melody and begin singing. Anu rests. Angoori singing tune for Tiwari attempting to make everything directly between them. Tiwari rests.

Angoori chatting on telephone with Bimla in kitchen and saying I got Umbrella might you want to purchase and will give you desserts excessively produced using my hand and attempting to sell her Umbrella. Vibhu come and welcomes her. Angoori says if it’s not too much trouble, return my cash or I’ll be out of my home. Vibhu says same goes with me dont stress or, more than likely we both will be out and begin playing with her. Angoori says this is my life’s greatest slip-up that I kept confidence in you.

Vibhu says what are saying. Angoori ssys I don’t mind you simply return my cash as ahead of schedule as could be expected or, in all likelihood Tiwari won’t leave me. Vibhu says I’m attempting. Angoori says get it going or, in all likelihood our companionship is demolished, go I would prefer not to converse with you. Tiwari says alright I’m going and Angoori says lets call Sheela and attempt to sell her Umbrella. Sheela manhandles her and hungs up telephone. Tiwari come to Angoori and say Anu is coming this side on the off chance that she inquire as to myself disclose to her that I’m not in house left town for some days.

Angoori says then you’ll not meet me as well. Tiwari says I’m not going anyplace I’m in house, first I’ll make you pay 2lakhs rupees and gies. Angoori gets frightened and says while crying who will I call now. TMT yells from that point slow down come and take Umbrella. Teeka yells get one and get one umbrella free. Masterji come and says say once again. Tekka says get one and get one umbrella free. Masterji says don’t give chocolate then, at that point. Tillu says we additionally have poise and dignity we likewise need to go hevan and show our face to god.

Masterji says alright give me 3 Umbrella and give me free Umbrella as well. Tillu says when we said you no to give free umbrella except for first you need to finish our terms. Teeka takes out the sign board “complete our terms and get free umbrella”. Masterji says for what reason didn’t you told first this is sheer deceitfulness I’ll not leave you. Teeka says its composed on board you will get free umbrella when you complete our terms. Masterji says mention to me what are your terms. Malkhan says initial term is you need to give us free food and drink for one month.

Tillu says second term is you need to book an artist for us since we didn’t saw dance from many time. Teeka says third terms is that you need to embrace one of us. Masterji goes. TMT begin yelling. Vibhu come and Tillu says we got uplifting news we sold 10 umbrella from morning. Vibhu says you ought to be embarrassed about you that you just sold 10 Umbrellas from morning. Teeka says it’s startup it will require some investment to develop. Vibhu says we need to consider something I have and thought, why we can’t sell umbrella since individuals realize that it won’t rain so we need to tell individuals by misleading that it will rain this time and will rain vigorously in the wake of listening this they will come out and purchase umbrella.

Teeka in Gupta’s center says activity is the last stage. Gupta says what is your concern. Teeka says I’m seeing frightening dream, Malkhan remaining external Gupta’s center window with speaker. Gupta requests what kind from dreams. Teeka says like I’m secured dim room and all of unexpected I hear thunder then I emerge from my room and says its coming down intensely and I’m getting wet and I need Umbrella. Gupta says you may have seen this fantasy at 12 PM and those fantasies are false. Teeka says its impractical I realize this will be valid. Malkhan begin playing thunder sound on speaker. Teeka says hear it how noisy it is.

Gupta hear again and says you began your Umbrella business are they sold. Teeka says yes all or sold we just saved 3-4 for us assuming you need we will sell you. Gupta says no I don’t need it won’t rain this time. Malkhan plays thunder sound and make it downpour through pipe. Gupta says give me one umbrella how much its is. Teeka says 1000rs. Gupta says give me.

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