Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 13th january 2022 Episode Written Update (13/01/2022)

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai Written Updates

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 13th january 2022 Written Episode Update, &TV “Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 13th january 2022 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.

Episode Name: Angoori’s brother Vibhuti takes care of her

Air Date: 13th january 2022

Full Written Update: Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 13/01/2022 Episode Start with Vibhu in lobby standing. Anu strolls to her says your mother. Vibhu says concerning which mother are you talking who dealt with me for a long time. Anu says chachaji. Vibhu blusters about everybody. Anu attempting to let him know that they went out, bow simply get out whatever might be on your mind. Vibhu begin crying.

TMT, Helan abd David together close to tea slow down. Malkhan tells Teeka and Tillu Helan is controlling and bothering. Tillu says I have plan. David says to TMT taje Helan with us. Teeka says we have place for just a single individual. Helan says OK then, at that point, I’ll come he can change anyplace. Tillu says we should throw on the off chance that head come then Chacha will come and on Tails aunt can accompany us and request that Teeka take out coin. They throw and get’s head. David get’s glad.

Teeka says sorry to Helan and they generally become eager to take David. David says to Helan search for you and leave. Helan see coin on floor pickup and see it has both head face says I’ll not leave them. Saxena strolls to tea slow down seee Helan crying and ask what occur. Helan says no one loves me I’m in isolation. Saxena says don’t stress I’m here to assist you with accompanying me and they leave.

Ammaji and Bhuri Lal in garden. Bhuri Lal says to Ammaji I read in paper that it will be cold these so request that Angoori accept care as she is pregnent. Ammaji says I continue to prompt her and aslo requested that Tiwari help her. Tiwari strolls in expresses what would it be a good idea for me I take care of business or remain here, Tillu dosent work appropriately so I must be in shop. Bhuri Lal slaps him says would you be able to recruit another worker for your significant other.

Tiwari says I can keep two however I can’t track down any in Kanpur. Ammaji says to Bhuri Lal I don’t have faith in worker they take things. Bhuri Lal says this is correct. Tiwari says I have a thought would we be able to request that brother by marriage help. Daddu says Puttan is in prison how can that be the case and he doesn’t work. Tiwari says I’m talking regarding Juttan.

Bhuri Lal says goodness I neglected and calls Vibhu says responsibility has expanded so from this point forward you will accomplish practically everything of your sister and take great consideration of her. Vibhu says I comprehended I’ll accomplish all work. Tiwari says alright then beginning your work from now and make some pakoda for us. Vibhuti leaves.

Vibhu cleaning mirror. Angoori strolls in room see him and gets abnormal. Angoori ask him why are you here. Vibhu says I was cleaning. Angoori says no don’t perfect a bhaiya will confess all, your purported Jija, I informed him concerning you so he was giving parcel’s of adoration to you and request that he leave since it’s all spotless. Vibhuti ask are you okay. Angoori says OK till the time my child is solid I’m sound. Vibhu cries and leave. Angoori go to God where did you stuck me.

TMT, David together in house drinking. Tillu says to David I love you a great deal. David says am I your sweetheart. Tillu says no you are not sweetheart but rather we love our older folks as well. David request that he request a ton of food and desserts. Teeka murmurs to them he requested entire menu of lodging how might you get all. Tillu says he has part of cash so we want to forfeit a bet so don’t stress I’ll deal with this and says to David don’t stress I’ll get that. David says assuming you are going so carry two jugs with that.

Tiwari goes to Anita’s home welcome and recall his relationship is changed with Anita so call her Salehji and strolls to her. Anu welcome him and ask what did you said. Tiwari says you are my brother by marriage’s significant other supposed you appropriately and I’m your Jeeja so you can call me that. Anu says I don’t what’s going among you and Vibhu I wouldn’t fret yet I don’t trust in any remaining connection. Tiwari says this is valid that Vibhu is my brother by marriage.

Anu says let me rehash I don’t put stock in the entirety of your connection. Tiwari attempt to clarify the connection says it’s an insidious sort of connection with parcel’s of prodding. Anu says you intend to say that you will prod me OK show me an exhibition. Tiwari teas her. Anu gets aggravate and ask what was this. Tiwari says I’ll leave now.

Bhuri Lal and Tiwari sitting in garden region drinking. Tiwari and Bhuri Lal tanked examining about there drinking propensities. Tiwari request that he call Vibhu. Bhuri lal yells at him and calls him. Vibhu strolls in and sit adjacent to Daddu says you are calling me as uf I’m your worker. Bhuri Lal says you are my child. Tiwari request that he have drinks. Vibhu says OK. Bhuri Lal says to Tiwari how are you treating other one is now spoilt and you need to ruin him yoo. Vibhuti says nothing will happen I’m now spoilt.

Daddu says you were caught with wrong individuals and awful things happen to you I don’t need this to be rehashed in your life now you will carry out beneficial things and request that he make tea for Angoori then, at that point, take great consideration of her and was all her garments. Vibhu attempt to drink. Bhuri Lal yells at him and says leave this beverage here.

TMT outside Prem’s home examining to take help from Prem. Teeka and Malkhan begin battling for ringing entryway chime. Tillu says alright I’ll ring doorbell and listen cautiously every one of the maltreatments will be similarly isolated in three of us and ring doorbell. Prem’s better half yells from inside and mock them. Prem come out says you rest some ediot are here. His significant other says I know it’s your companion and taunts him. Prem says to TMT how are treating late night outside my home. TMT says it’s regarding 20 crore rupees, we want your assistance and think about this as a venture.

Prem expresses what I’ll get. Malkhan says in the event that you helped as now then you will get 10lakh rupees for 10,000rs. Prem get’s energized says on the off chance that I didn’t got my cash then, at that point, I’ll sell your kidney for my cash. Prem’s better half yells send your companions home and come inside. Prem head inside. Malkhan says taunts Prem and they leave.

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