Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 12th October 2021 Episode Written Update (12/10/2021)

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai Written Updates

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 12th October 2021 Written Episode Update, &TV “Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 12th October 2021 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Saxena give extra points for good work

Air Date: 12 October 2021

Full Written Update: Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 12/10/2021 Episode Start with Tiwari in garden singing and drinking. Vibhu strolls to him and says on the off chance that you wouldn’t fret would i be able to say something, pakodas were cooked yet chutney completed and pakoda are adored by chutney so considered having drinks with you. Tiwari says would i be able to let you know one thing this was the most exceedingly terrible reason to request drink. Vibhu says as much would i be able to make drink for me.

Tiwari says OK make your beverage and i’m not sure what to converse with you can’t get some information about your work. Vibhu says come to point and determine what will be your job in Ram-Leela. Tiwari says for clear prabhu Shri Ram. Vibhu expresses what are you talking live in all actuality and ridicules Tiwari. Tiwari says look by Angooris eyes then you will realize that I’m the only one appropriate for that job.

Vibhu says she may have said to keep yor feelings, yet sorry bu seeing your face and knowledge you can get job certainly in monkey armed force. Tiwari says your eife will then nk like that. Vibhu says precisely and Anu said to me I merit Ram’s job. Tiwari says bhabhiji need to wear glasses. Vibhu taunts Tiwari. Tiwari says as much are you ideally suited for Shri Ram job. Vibhu says OK.

Saxena come and says wow you are drinking that is terrible I’ll cut 25 focuses. Vibhu for what reason are you deducting my point I came to instruct Tiwari that liquor isn’t useful for wellbeing. Tiwari says this is off-base he came to drink. Vibhu says he is lying, you can smell my mouth. Saxena ridicules Vibhuti.

Angoori in garden watering plant and singing. Vibhu come dressed as Ram strolls to Angoori. Angoori sees Vibhu and gets stunned. Vibhu says woman. Angoori welcomes and asks which god are you giving me your favors. Vibhu says I’m adjoining god I was glad on you so stayed with you. Angoori says I’m extraordinary ful however never heard your name and never did your Pooja’s. Vibhu says watering plants and conversing with individuals is likewise one of my dedication. Angoori inquires as to whether you’re cheerful from me would i be able to request endowments.

Vibhu says no you need to acquire that gift by your own I came to give you truth, I realize your significant other has a major spot in you yet you have given him pointless consideration. Angoori says OK since he is my better half and this is my obligation. Vibhu says I know and I realize that you consider your to be as Shri Ram character. Angoori says OK I see that consistently. Vibhu says you ought not see according to your point of view, take a gander at him according to other viewpoint how could an underpants dealer can be Shri Ram.

Angoori says yet that is his work. Vibhu says you request that he quit participating in Shri Ram job. Angoori says how might I stop. Vibhu says assuming a spouse need can kill her better half this is a little point, assuming you need can irate me however there will be repercussions for visit husband. Angoori says don’t do anything to him. Vibhu says its in your grasp on the off chance that you stop him, I’ll not rebuff him. Angoori says alright and welcomes him. Vibhu says now close your eyes I need to get undetectable. Angoori says goodness god you are devine.

Anu working out in corridor. Tiwari strolls her and welcomes. Anu says come sit and says for what reason didn’t you close your eyes today. Tiwari says since I have penance Shri Ram job things are bit staggered. Anu says as much you needed to do that job. Tiwari says Angoori told me there is some sort of virtue in my face, a harmony which is useful for Shri Ram job. Anu snickers and says there is nothing similar to that.

Tiwari says that is the reason I came to you for guidance. Anu says you did well or, in all likelihood individuals would quit seeing Ram-Leela. Tiwari says sufficient I need to proceed to pick Ammaji she is coming, admirably bhabhiji I was saying that I regard you and said you can complete with job. Anu says Vibhuti additionally regard me to such an extent. Tiwari says you are guiltless.

Anu says let me know what occur, you intend to say Vibhuti don’t regard me. Tiwari says Vibhuti was glad when with his job yet said Anu will do Sita’s job there will be unpleasant, how might you call Anu as Sita she looks so shrewd like fox and he said more. Anu asks what all he said. Tiwari says he chose a job for you of Shurpanaka. Anu blows up and says that one without nose. Tiwari says don’t utters a word to Vibhuti or probably subject will be extended. Anu says its alright I’ll remain silent to Vibhu. Tiwari says you can do anything you desire he is your better half. Anu says OK presently I’ll perceive how he will do job of Shri Ram.

Vibhu close to sanctuary says this is when Saxena come to sanctuary where is he. A bum contacts Vibhuti. Vibhu says don’t contact me you will demolish my garments. Vibhu sees Saxena and sit with bum ask him where have you examined till you look great. Poor person says you likewise look great yet you were hitting me with your legs. Vibhu says I was attempting to help you, appears as though you didn’t had a single thing from days and give him his wallet, Vibhu says you are not wearing shoes and give him shoes. Transient says as much you will take new paur from outside sanctuary.

Vibhu says no child I have more shoes I can go bear foot yet can’t see you like this. Bum says you are charitable its like gold. Vibhu says thankyou, you should have a few wishes like to wear gold chain. Hobo says OK and Vibhuti give him his gold chain. Saxena seeing everything. Hobo gets enthusiastic and says you are god and appeal to God for him. Vibhu says no I’m one of you.

Saxena strolls to Vibhuti and says today I comprehended you are individual with huge idea you gave him your wallet for that I’ll give you 25 focuses. Vibhu says I’m not doing this for point. Saxena says that is an award for your work and you gave him shoes 25 focuses for that and 25 focuses for gold chain and 100 focuses for being a decent individual congrats.

Vibhu says my way of thinking is to be benevolent to everybody and god needs you to see me, I generally do this. Saxena says you are doing extremely well I’m pleased with you and leaves. Vibhu says to poor person offer back shoes chain and wallet. Poor person says however sir you gave me this. Vibhu says you are poor person so act like that and leaves. Hobo ridicules Vibhuti.

Saxena in his overhang having soup. Tillu strolls to Saxena and welcomes him says would i be able to converse with you for 2 minutes and says I want to beat you hitting you all over punching you however consequently would you be able to build my focuses. Saxena give him cold look says assuming I acquire my own joy between of Ram-Leela, Ram will rebuff me. Tiwari strolls to Saxena and says to Tillu you generally say I don’t give you your compensation so today I’ll turn out to be free here is your compensation absolute 15000.

Saxena says to Tiwari you are doing acceptable. Tiwari says everybody ought to be paid for there work. Saxena says sick give you 25 focuses. Tillu says this is a lot of many time I took wiped out leave so if it’s not too much trouble, deduct that. Saxena says 25 focuses for you Tillu. Tiwari says you did additional time think about that extra. Saxena says Tiwari you get 25 focuses. Tillu says this is your liberality yet many time I took cash of shop and kept it in my pocket here keep this cash.

Tiwari says here require one month additional compensation. Saxena says Tiwari here 50 focuses for you. Tillu says feed needy individuals from this cash, they will get food and I’ll arrive endowments. Saxena says I’ll 50 focuses to you Tillu. Tiwari says OK then, at that point, I’ll add half more. Saxena gets passionate and says both of you generally stay like this I’ll give you both additional 50 focuses. Tiwari says remained this long for compensation so you can stand by additional. Tillu says give me the amount you are giving. Tiwari says I’ll give you however there is a major pooja in house I’ll give you after that and Tiwari leaves.

Prem sitting close to tea slow down. TMT come to Prem and Teeka says we need some cash. Prem says push forward. TMT asks Prem. Saxena accompany his register. Prem says let me know how much cash you need. Teeka says we need 1000rs. Prem expresses what will occur from that here keep all cash. Prem goes to Saxena and asks hiw much point you will give me for that. Saxena says you are not from this settlement so you are not qualified to take an interest in play, you were precluded prior to partaking.

Prem blows up says to TMT I’ll take that cash from you and leaves. Vibhuti, Tiwari, Gupta and Masterji come. Vibhu slaps Saxena and says it is free. Teeka says to Saxena everybody is here so if it’s not too much trouble, tell score, who is winning. Saxena says OK I’ll begin from Teeka. Teeka says he is taking my name first that mean I’m at top.

Saxena says I’m beginning from base and says Teeka gets – 25 focuses, Malkhan gets – 10 focuses, Gupta gets +5 focuses, Masterji gets +50 focuses, Tiwari gets +60 focuses, Tillu you got +60 focuses. Gupta says to Master I suspect as much Tillu played a game. Tillu says this mean I’m winning. Tiwari says we are on same spot. Vibhu asks how much point do I have. Saxena says you additionally have +60 focuses so this mean you three have tie, lets see who will win the very best to every one of you.

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