Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 11 January 2021 Episode Written Update (11/01/2021)

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai Written Updates

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 11th Jan 2021 Written Episode Update, &TV Serial “Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 11 January 2021 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Vibhuti Meets With An Accident

Air Date: 11 January 2021

Full Written Update: Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 011/01/2021 Episode Start with Vibhu and Prem in vehicle, Vibhu driving, Prem asks how is my new vehicle, Vibhu says its so great, what amount did it cost, Prem says 10,000. Vibhu asks why, Prem says the person who purchased this vehicle, I had credited his father cash and it slipped he’s mind thus he needed to give me this 10 lakhs vehicle, Prem discloses to Vibhu he has a work of match making for him, Anu calls Vibhu and says she isn’t discovering slip for the saree she gave for cleaning, she checked all over the place, Anu says it should be in your pocket.

Vibhu says its not there, at the same time, Vibhu meets with a mishap. Vibhu visits Angoori following day, Angoori asks how are you harmed, Vibhu considers lying and says I save a young lady, she was being upset by couple of young men and in contention and battling I got injured, Angoori says you did such great job, generally excellent, Angoori discloses to Vibhu she is composing Banna tune, and when she was kid she was brought in union with sing, Angoori says bye now its morning meal time.

Prem strolls to Vibhu and chides him, and says previous days mishap has brought parcel of issues, the thug you met with mishap has sued you for 3 lakhs. Anu peruses mishap news in paper and peruses Vibhu being called jobless, Tiwari strolls in, Anu says great you came, I was so strained and exhausted I needed to accomplish something else from my prepping classes, Tiwari says I had same musings, Tiwari says in the event that you have any new business thoughts let me realize we will become colleagues. TMT at tea slow down, Teeka approaches how long does it require for Gupta to come from Bavrale.

Tilu says he is a little person requires some serious energy, Gupta strolls to them, Tilu says look he is here with any desire for our marriage, Gupta says sorry all denied to wed you, and one young lady consumed Teekas photograph, Teeka feels awful, Gupta says look god gave face its not your flaw, so don’t feel terrible, god will take care of you, Malkan expresses profound gratitude for causing us to acknowledge we have awful faces. Gupta says god will assist you with being pitiful, I have work in center bye. Teeka begins crying.

Vibhu strolls to them and says who says you cannot be hitched, Tilu says Gupta, Vibhu says I will organize your wedding, this is my saying to mastermind weddings for individuals who are not acknowledged by society, go to my office tomorrow, Teeka asks where is your office, Vibhu says I should state you truly have terrible face, don’t cry, extraordinarily Teeka you look all the more awful. Angoori singing tunes in kitchen, Vibhu strolls to her, Angoori says I imagined about you the previous evening, Vibhu says it resembles a fantasy to me, what did you see.

Angoori says I saw you are running from marsh outrage and individuals are behind you and you stow away in my kitchen, Vibhu says for what reason do you suspect as much awful, at any rate I am into marital business, Angoori says so pleasant, Vibhu says you will sing in weddings I orchestrate, Angoori says however Tiwari, Vibhu says I will pay you lakhs and Tiwari will concur without a doubt, Angoori says done allow me to illuminate Amaji and leaves. Saxena strolls to Vibhu and hears Vibhu saying sorry im defenseless, Vibhu says to Saxena I need some help from you, function as I state and stuns as you state, Saxena concurs.

Vibhu strolls to Anu in room, Anu says sorry at last you are home from timepass, Vibhu says I am in positive temperament allows slice it to it, I have begun new business of wedding, so the person needs to give 1 lakh advance, Anu asks from where will you orchestrate young ladies, Vibhu says when folks will come so will young ladies and young ladies I will ship off you and you can prepare them and procure, Anu says this is fascinating thought, Vibhu says since you see benefit, Anu says there is brownie in ice chest, Vibhu says its mine, Anu says not any longer bye.

Vibhu gets a call from criminal and he says I will pound the life out of you before your significant other a similar way you hit my vehicle, Vibhu recalls Prems cautioning, Vibhu apologize, hoodlum doesn’t tune in and says my dad is this urban areas greatest wear thus pay 3 lakhs or, in all likelihood you understand what will occur. Vibhu gets strained.

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