Beyhadh 2 21st Feb 2020 Episode Written Update (21/2/2020)

Beyhadh 2

Beyhadh 2 21st February 2020 Written Episode Update, Sony Tv Serial “Beyhadh 2 21 February 2020 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Maya Shocks MJ

Air Date: 21 February 2020

Full Written Update: Beyhadh 2 21/2/2020 Episode Start with Maya requests Rudra to paint her somewhat from canvas. Their assessment starts. O Rasiya Ang Lagale… tune… happens of sight. They get private spreading tones on each other in conclusion grasp each otgher. MJ walks around to flor. Maya hearing his steps cautions. Door opens. Rudra stands curious thinking who must be coming in. Inflatables fly in.

Rudra says staggering, everyone should make sense of how to praise valentine’s day from her. Maya tensely walks around door and closes passage. MJ says energetic valentine’s day Manvi. Rudra handles fire and says today is dear’s day and if she doesn’t kiss him, he will devour like this light. She walks around him. Inflatable falls on fire and impacts. Rudra breakdown. Maya races to Rudra pushed.

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MJ hearing her cry floods towards room and seeing Rudra arousing loosens up. Maya grasps Rudra and approaches if he is fine no ifs, ands or buts. He says yes. She sees his devoured hand, he says its a valentine’s day stun for him. Maya sees MJ at gateway, he leaves figuring for what reason didn’t he comprehend that incident can happen with gas extend, envision a situation where something had happened to Rudra, he shouldn’t have taken such a significant peril.

Maya applies prescription on Rudra’s hand and asks concerning whether it is tormenting. He says it isn’t that huge injury to torment. She says it isn’t that little wound to not torment. Rudra says he will stop his work and become her patient. She asks him not to explode on her as she couldn’t care less for his inconvenience. He is grieved.

Maya says she has straightforwardly on him and she has given suitable for him to explode on her, anyway she couldn’t care less for it. He asks what she adores by then. She says his smile, his fondness, and him. He demands that her research his eyes and assurance that whoever happens she will stop accepting a gander at him as he wound up in her and he will lose himself again else.

Maya grasps her and says its her blunder and thinks someone/MJ was endeavoring to alert her and Rudra suffered because of it. She picks Rudra’s gifted spot string and says it fortifies her, anyway she won’t offer it to him. She breaks spots, places them in water and refreshments it.

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MJ returns to his examination room and feels sorry recollecting Rudra getting harmed. Diya calls him, anyway he doesn’t pick call. She disgorges and thinks at whatever point she needs him, he is never open for her. He disposes of his convenient. Maya walks around he study room. He walks around her. She remembers all his torment and bad behaviors and holding his neck says never scare someone so much that he/she stops fearing, by and by he will see Rudra’s Maya. She pulls and pins him to walk around neck and says he set out to hurt her vitality and love Rudra and in case he ever endeavors again, she will cover him alive. MJ stands shocked while she leaves stepping on his photo plot.

Maya by then returns to resting Rudra and says he took her trouble on him, he loves her. Next morning, Rudra opens eyes and she opens him hi. He asks regarding whether she was ready whole night scanning for him, he is fine. He sits and seeing glass pieces into her feet asks how might it happen. She recalls stepping on glass. On the contrary side, MJ recollects Maya strangulating him and angrily breaks glass.

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