Beyhadh 2 20th Jan 2020 Episode Written Update (20/1/2020)

Beyhadh 2

Beyhadh 2 20th January 2020 Written Episode Update, Sony TV Serial “Beyhadh 2 20 January 2020 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Maya Manipulates Rudra

Air Date: 20 January 2020

Full Written Update: Beyhadh 2 20/1/2020 Episode Start with Ananya endeavors to support Antara, yet she doesn’t. Rudra walks around and endeavors to empower her. Antara says he is acting like Ris… Rudra solicitations to take complete name Rishi his memories haven’t left them in any way shape or form. Antara cries recalling Rishi’s side advantages, his significant other, etc. Rudra asks with respect to whether Rishi instructed her about his significant other’s nuances. Antara says no. Rudra gets Maya’s call and uncovers to Antara that he needs to go. Antara asks Ananya to go with Rudra. Ananya says Rudra needn’t waste time with her help with a few things. Rudra leaves. He passes by MJ’s hotel and hears him revealing to Amir that they need to find who Rishi’s significant other is as she almost certainly executed Rudra. Amir says he got Rudra’s flexible and will find. Rudra meets Maya and says MJ has Rishi’s convenient and will find Rishi’s significant other soon.

Maya says they will find a way and ties him her mother’s given honored string. Rudra demands that her offer thanks toward her mother and asks when will his torment end. Maya says never and he will be habituated to live with it. Rajiv walks around and inviting them says he got some answers concerning Rishi and sorry for that, he heard Rudra needs Rishi’s significant other’s nuances. Maya says Rajiv is all around educated and is trustable. Rajiv checks Rishi’s PC and says Rishi has maintained up his phone data.

Amir in like manner checks Rishi’s phone data and says they can even hear his call accounts. He sees data being deleted all of a sudden and says by what means would this have the option to happen. MJ says Rishi’s darling erased the data. Rajiv erases data and says MJ can’t get anything. Rudra asks in what limit will they land at Rishi’s significant other. Amir says they can check CCTV film where Rishi is with his significant other. MJ sees Maya hiding her face deliberately and says as he said Rishi was not his goal but instead someone else. Film gets eradicated. MJ fume out of hatred.

Maya uncovers to Rudra that MJ likely eradicated a few accounts, Rudra needs to watch out for his father and both of them should endeavor to verify Rishi’s significant other. Ananya enters and asks who will shield others from Maya, who Maya really is. Rudra pulls her out. Maya thinks Ananya is stepping in wrong space and will pay for it. Rudra hollers at Ananya that she should not support MJ reliably as he is untrustable. Ananya says Maya is arranging some fiendishness and he doesn’t have any colleague with her existence. Rudra says he knows her world, recollecting Maya telling that she lost her kin. Maya grins hearing that.

Rajiv says Rudra is doing a blunder by trusting Rudra and he will be in a shock soon. Ananya exits saying ignore it. Rudra hollers he was unable to mind less. Maya thinks she needs to change over Rudra’s trust into friendship and a short time later homicide him. She walks around Rudra and says Ananya is right and she couldn’t care less for their partnership. Rudra says it isn’t substantial. Maya says Ananya is his valued buddy and supported him in his each trouble and fulfillment, anyway he went to someone else for help, so obviously Ananya is incensed.

Rudra asks so what. Maya restlessly says nothing, she isn’t in Ananya’s place and that is valid. She endeavors to leave. Rudra contends her not to go as he needs her. She asks about why. He says he needs her help to find Rishi’s darling and shield her from MJ. Maya says she isn’t going wherever, MJ can’t hurt Rishi’s significant other. He demands that her assurance that she isn’t going wherever and widens hand. She promises him. Rajiv signals extraordinary. She leaves. Rajiv says she deceives him so well. Maya asks about whether other task it done. Rajiv says Ankit is gone. Enuch connects Ankit to a seat and walks around him holding sharp edge. Ankit hollers no..

Antara cries keeping Rishi’s pad and thinks down Rishi resting holding it. Ananya endeavors to help her. Antara says her Rishi was fascinated and expected to marry. Ananya asks concerning whether Rishi familiar her with his significant other. Antara says her youngster was stressed over the likelihood that that they would expel, same thing happened, MJ rejected Rishi’s requesting and Rishi finished everything. Ananya demands that her continue to rest and drops her to room. She returns and remembering that fixing room sees a sketch and walks around it, yet essentially then specialist uses vacuum cleaner and sucks sketch. Ananya impugns him and pullls sketch from cleaner and seeing half sketch thinks if Maya is Rishi’s darling.

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