Bepanah Pyaar 25th Feb 2020 Episode Written Update (25/2/2020)

Bepanah Pyaar

Bepanah Pyaar 25th February 2020 Written Episode Update, Colors Tv Serial “Bepanah Pyaar 25 February 2020 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Raghbir Suffers From Partial Amnesia

Air Date: 25 February 2020

Full Written Update: Bepanah Pyaar 25/2/2020 Episode Start with Harshit discloses to Kunti now Raghbir will call police and they will be in prison. Game is finished! Kunti slaps him. you generally talk stupidly. I began this game. It wont end till the time I end it! Raghbir must kick the bucket! Harshit reasons that they will lose everything with his passing. Kunti says our story will end on the off chance that he will be alive. We will go to prison. We should execute him so we can live. I will do this.

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Kunti comes inside the ward and takes a gander at Raghbir. Till date it was significant for me that you remain alive yet you know my mystery now. It has become even more significant for me that you pass on today! Farewell everlastingly, Raghbir! She is going to close the valve yet Pragati holds her hand simply at that point. She pushes her out of the room. I am his shield. Recall that it can turn into a weapon at the opportune time. Leave and don’t think back ever! She shuts the entryway.

Pragati strokes Raghbir’s face. I wont let anybody hurt you. She holds up in the ward itself. Raghbir moves his fingers. Pragati calls doc quickly and shares what she had seen. Doc checks Raghbir who opens his eyes simply at that point. He expels his breathing device in one go. Kunti looks on from the window anxiously. Malhotra family enters. They are diminished to see him fine. Pragati embraces Raghbir. I am so assuaged. He shoots her befuddled looks. Who right? She says I am Pragati.

He says I am not requesting your name. What are you doing here? I don’t have any acquaintance with you. Everybody is shocked aside from Kunti and Harshit. He ponders who brought him here. I was in the café on date. Have you brought me here? She reveals to him this isn’t the opportune time to joke however he thinks it is to be sure a joke. She says I am your better half yet he advises her to unwind. Try not to cry. I am not your better half. If it’s not too much trouble send her outside. For what reason do I think that its some scene from old motion pictures? I have quite recently passed school at 24. I wont wed unexpectedly early! Unwind.

She lets him know not to say as much however he requests that his family send her outside. Doc requests that everybody hold up outside. I have to play out certain tests. Everybody goes along. Doc tests Raghbir. He educates the family that Raghbir has halfway amnesia. Raghbir has lost a piece of his memory because of mental stun and stress. He just recollects barely any bits from a couple of years prior as it were. Kunti inquires as to whether he wont recollect what happened a couple of hours prior. Doc shakes his head. Kunti grins thinking Pragati attempted her best yet appears even God is her ally. Aditi asks doc how long is Raghbir behind them now. Nakul gets it to be 8 years prior as Raghbir talked about his ex Katrina.

Devraj adds that he would learn photography 8 years back. Raghbir talks about very similar things which Nakul and Devraj had before discussed when his family addresses him. This is 2012 right? Devraj denies. It is 2020 at this point! Raghbir calls it incomprehensible. He drops because of stress. Devraj demands doc to accomplish something. Doc guides him to unwind. He may pick up his memory soon or he may never truly pick up it. Devraj guarantees Pragati there is no reason to worry. Aditi and Kunti get some information about the mishap. Pragati relates everything to them. They are stunned to catch wind of her penance and medications given to Raghbir.

Kunti faults Sahas for blending drugs in Raghbir’s nourishment. Pragati laments that she doesn’t have Sahas’ telephone or she would have demonstrated reality immediately. Kunti focuses a finger at Pragati also however Aditi advises her to hush up. Devraj seconds her. We know Pragati can never do this. Pragati leaves mournful. Pragati cries before God. For what reason do you generally test my affection? Rebuff me in the event that I have committed an error and not Raghbir! Kunti taunts her. You have at long last brought down your head before God. You attempted to spare Raghbir however you lost in the end. Your companions had evidence against me yet they are not any more simply like him. What did you gain by battling for your adoration? He has lost his memory! He wont even recollect you now as he doesn’t recall that anything. What will you do now? Who will confide in you?

Raghbir has returned to where he confided in his Badi Ma indiscriminately! You lost! You wont have the option to do anything now. Go to certain mountains and revoke life unequivocally! Or on the other hand make a propensity for crying day by day. You will bite the dust along these lines.

Raghbir will stay away forever to you. Go for whatever you might prefer. She leaves. Pragati inquires as to whether he is upbeat at this point. A liar ridiculed truth before you! Is it accurate to say that you are cheerful at this point? You are supporting lies rather than truth today? Today it is about your triumph or destruction. On the off chance that liars will keep on winning, at that point individuals like me will quit loving you one day. I will give this Agni Pariksha if that is the thing that it is. I will battle with destiny and bring my significant other back. This is my guarantee to you!

Bepanah Pyaar 26 February 2020 Written Episode Update Precap.

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