Bepanah Pyaar 24th Feb 2020 Episode Written Update (24/2/2020)

Bepanah Pyaar

Bepanah Pyaar 24th February 2020 Written Episode Update, Colors Tv Serial “Bepanah Pyaar 24 February 2020 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Sahas Dies In A Car Accident

Air Date: 24 February 2020

Full Written Update: Bepanah Pyaar 24/2/2020 Episode Start with Raghbir says God ought not give anybody a Badi Ma like you. Harshit asks him what refuse he is stating yet Raghbir holds him by his neckline. Try not to absolute another word. You have bamboozled me enough! He goes to Kunti. You got scared of police so soon as I am certain they will have the option to discover that you used to blend sedates in my nourishment. She proceeds with her dramatization. I am certain it must be Pragati’s arrangement. You will trust all her words. He says I dint even take her name till now. For what reason do you think will it be her?

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She says Pragati is the one in particular who needs to isolate us. He calls her the issue. It is you who need to slaughter me. This is the reason you cut the railing in Manali, isn’t that so? She acts honest however he advises her to quit acting at this point. She inquires as to whether he questions her. He denies. I am accusing you. Sahas has given me that video wherein you were cutting the railing. I adored you my whole life yet you needed to execute me! I gave you everything yet you played every one of these games with me. Why? You crossed your points of confinement by executing my folks. You killed them only for cash and I was tailing you indiscriminately constantly. Pragati was correct. You are incorrect. I ought to have trusted her. I never had confidence in God thinking you are my God. You ought to be embarrassed about it! Kunti concedes she has executed his folks. I am not afraid to concede that I slaughtered your folks for cash.

I did it for my child Harshit. I dint need him to be on your benevolence. We have a privilege on this house, this property and everything! He inquires as to whether she has ever attempted to get him. You ought to have asked me. Disregard this property or cash, I would have even given my life for you! It is sufficient at this point. The ball is in my court now. Presently a child will do what no child would have done to his mom. This is Raghbir Malhotra’s guarantee to you Badi Ma. You will be rebuffed for your offense. She rage thinking Sahas demolished her arrangement. Doorbell rings. Raghbir says this is the chime to damnation. Do you need something?

Shefali and Nakul enter. Shefali advises Raghbir that she saw Pragati with Sahas in her wedding clothing. They were gone to sanctuary. Nakul certifies. Where is your telephone? Raghbir acknowledges how Pragati and Sahas had sent him home alone. He takes a stab at reaching Pragati yet her telephone isn’t reachable. He leaves. Kunti and Harshit hurl a moan of alleviation.

Sahas and Pragati are sitting in the mandap. Savant ji peruses the mantras. Pragati is helped to remember her marriage with Raghbir. Sahas discloses to Pundit ji to pick up the pace with the mantras. Intellectual ji discusses following customs yet Sahas compromises him. Sahas and Pragati represent pheras. She stands attached to her place while Sahas begins the first phera. He advises her that Raghbir may need to pay in the event that she retreats from her guarantee now. She starts to tail him when Raghbir yells. Sahas and Pragati take a gander at him. Raghbir breaks his wreath and holds him by his neckline. How could you wed my significant other?

Pragati demands him to relinquish Sahas. Raghbir asks her how he got this mental fortitude. She shares that she gave him this fortitude by giving him a guarantee. Sahas discloses to him the rest. Come, Pragati. Raghbir turns his hand. I guarantee you I wont let your fantasy work out for next 7 births. She was, is and she will consistently be mine. Sahas says I don’t think around 7 births however she is mine at the present time. You can’t grab her from me. Raghbir hits him and exits with Pragati.

Sahas assaults him from behind yet Raghbir figures out how to beat him. Raghbir discloses to Pragati he cherishes her without question. I will return much in the wake of passing on 100 passings in the event that I need to! I can’t see you turning out to be somebody else’s. She gestures. They clasp hands yet Sahas hits him on his head with a channel simply at that point. Sahas rehashes that he doesn’t think about different births yet Pragati is his right now. He takes Pragati with him. She cries taking a gander at Raghbir yet Sahas locks the vehicle’s entryway. He drives away. Raghbir finds a good pace Sahas’ vehicle.

Pragati demands Sahas to release her. Raghbir will bite the dust. Sahas isn’t troubled. His story will end today. She demands him yet futile. We will be in our reality. We will even battle now and then as it builds love. She fears the vehicle’s speed yet he says I can’t pause. You don’t have to stress when you are with me. I wont let anything transpire. He sees Raghbir’s vehicle behind him. She advises Sahas to stop the vehicle. Release me. She gripes of the speed again however he again guarantees her. their vehicle meets with a mishap simply at that point.

Everybody is in emergency clinic. Kunti reveals to Harshit they committed a major error by having Sahas on their side. He told Raghbir and Pragati everything. Harshit says he was ruined by you all things considered. He will undoubtedly reveal to them everything. I don’t have a clue what will happen now.

Doc ventures out of ICU. He shares that Pragati is cognizant. Raghbir is still in harm’s way. Keep your fingers crossed. Devraj gets some information about Sahas. Doc shares that he is no more. Kunti thinks it is acceptable Sahas is dead.

Pragati is in tears. I wish you could have comprehended the distinction among good and bad on time Sahas. You would have been alive today at that point. Kunti asks her for what good reason she is as yet alive. You ought to have kicked the bucket with your insane companion! She taunts her. I am an imbecile to ask you that. You can’t kick the bucket as I am the person who should slaughter you! Pragati discloses to her arrangement wont work out as expected even in her fantasies. Try not to be under any misconception that Raghbir will excuse you considerably in the wake of knowing it all. Did you make an arrangement as of now? I recommend you don’t as your game is up! The minute Raghbir will be cognizant, you will be in prison! Kunti says this is the thing that you think. Try not to be so upbeat. Raghbir is still in harm’s way. Expectation he wont join Sahas. Pragati cautions her not to imagine that for Raghbir. Doc illuminates them that Raghbir is out of threat now. Pragati grins at Kunti.

Bepanah Pyaar 25 February 2020 Written Episode Update Precap.

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