Bepanah Pyaar 19th Feb 2020 Episode Written Update (19/2/2020)

Bepanah Pyaar

Bepanah Pyaar 19th February 2020 Written Episode Update, Colors Tv Serial “Bepanah Pyaar 19 February 2020 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Sahas Finds Out Pragati’s Lie

Air Date: 19 February 2020

Full Written Update: Bepanah Pyaar 19/2/2020 Episode Start with Raghbir apologizes to Pragati. I am disturbed for whatever happened. I shouldn’t have done that. If its all the same to you pardon me. Pragati is in tears. He continues talking. I should have esteemed you and given every one of you the fulfillment consequent to finding that you are my Baani so to speak. I ended up doing the opposite. I would lean toward not to lose you.

You are the individual who has told me the best way to live and gave me another life. He is sorry to his family as well. Trust me I do not understand why I am doing this. I am not doing this deliberately, Pragati. You are the one specifically who can save me. You should save me. I would favor not to lose you. I love you Pragati.

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Kunti, Harshit and Sahas get disturbed. Pragati grasps him tight. I love you too Raghbir. I am with you. I wont allow anything to come to pass. There is no motivation to stress. He kisses her hands. Aditi says I knew it that they are playing discover the stowaway. Kunti looks. Raghbir feels blurred looked without a moment’s delay more. Pragati takes him to his room. Aditi says it is adequate that Raghbir dint get harmed.

Sahas reveals to Kunti her course of action struggled again. He leaves appearing to be a piece provoked.

Pragati starts things out floor. Aditi gets some data about Raghbir’s prosperity. Pragati says he is resting right now. I was thinking to take Raghbir outside to change his perspective as all of you are going for puja right now. Devraj and Aditi agree anyway Kunti doesn’t find this idea proper. Devraj still offers approval to Pragati.

Aditi encourages Devraj to plan on time. It is a 2-3 hour extensive drive. Kunti decides to stay at home. She deludes Devraj and Aditi about get-together her partner who is incredibly wiped out. I will come later with Harshit. They signal. Kunti is certain Pragati is searching for inconvenience.

Pragati brings Raghbir to a motel. The room is planned with inflatables and candles. He approaches her for what valid justification they are here. She says to contribute vitality with each other. They share some cute minutes together. They in like manner gaze at the TV together.

Raghbir rests his head at her shoulder. She sees him dozing adequately and causes him rests. She endeavors to locate a serviceable pace holds her hand. I insulted you to such a degree. By what means may you in spite of everything love me? She says veritable friendship looks like that in a manner of speaking. He says you can’t avoid being you and pulls her nose sweetly. No one has worshiped me this much. She says no one can do this. Both of them smile.

She considers confessing all with him about his blood report. Do you trust in me? He motions. She gives him his blood report. Doc found traces of some drug in your cerebrum which is hurting your neurotransmitters. This is the explanation you are carrying on thusly as of late. He is amazed. I haven’t taken a prescription in the entirety of my years! She says it was given to you by Badi Ma. I can scarcely deal with it. She says I understand you wont yet he says I don’t confide in you. In what manner may you stoop so low? She is my Badi Ma! In what limit can a mother do this to her kid?

You hoodwinked me and finished this test and now you are pointing fingers at my Badi Ma! He expends his blood report staggering Pragati. you crossed your places of repression by contemplating a mother. Make an effort not to total another word or I will ignore what your character is! He leaves while pitching a little fit. She thinks this is what I have to make you understand. You ignore who I am!

Pragati sees Raghbir napping in his room. She covers him with duvet. You love your Badi Ma erratically which is the explanation you dint recognize she has been mixing something in your sustenance. It wont happen any more drawn out as I will deal with your meals. She sees a shadow outside the window and goes outside to check. Kunti goes into in the room and mixes tablet in the glass of water kept close by Raghbir.

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Pragati hasn’t found anyone outside anyway is certain that there was someone. Harshit takes a gander at her from behind the window adornment as she returns to Raghbir’s room. Sahas comes to watch out for Raghbir. Kunti and Harshit look on. Kunti says Pragati is straightforward. She can’t fathom our game plan. She needs to save Raghbir from us. Pragati encourages Sahas not to agitate Raghbir. He is resting. Sahas proposes taking out one pad. She does that. He mixes another tablet in the glass stealthily. Sahas thinks Badi Ma offered misery to Pragati. Directly this tablet will end Raghbir’s and Badi Ma’s story. He leaves.

Raghbir hacks in rest. Pragati gives him water. He rests eventually.

Harshit and Kunti are leaving when they see Sahas holding up at the entryway. Kunti says he is going crazy. We should fix him. sahas is getting a handle on a shaft. Kunti asks with respect to whether he needs inconceivable. Sahas counters that he needs to butcher them both. Is it precise to state that you are aiming to kill her again? Dint you spread her in a grave? I took her out from the pine box without any other individual! Do whatever it takes not to lie now.

Kunti demands that he state everything undeniably. He relates the scene to them. Would you like to deceive me? Kunti says it is your Pragati who has deceived you. He alerts her not to denounce his Pragati. Kunti encourages Sahas to think cautiously to a great extent. Stop this distraction. It was Pragati’s plan. She has understood that you are with us! Harshit says she is endeavoring to segment us. She wound up being more keen than we suspected! Kunti reiterates detachment and rule mantra for Sahas. Sahas considers the change in Pragati’s lead starting late and fumes.

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