Bepanah Pyaar 18th Dec 2019 Episode Written Update (18/12/2019)

Bepanah Pyaar

Bepanah Pyaar 18th December 2019 Written Episode Update, Colors Tv Serial “Bepanah Pyaar 18 December 2019 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Harshit knows Pragati is Bani!

Air Date: 18 December 2019

Full Written Update: Bepanah Pyaar 18/12/2019 Episode Start with a gun-shot sound and Raghbir and Sahas shouting Pragati’s name. But Pragati is fine and instead the shooter falls down as Kunti has shot him. The police come too and Kunti asks them to arrest the man who wanted to harm her family.

Pragati asks to call the ambulance.

Ambulance and bomb squad come. Ambulance takes Raghbir with them and Pragati goes with them while the bomb squad tells the police and Kunti that the bomb wasn’t even real, it’s just a toy, someone made a fool out of them. Kunti thanks God.

Police asks Kunti from where she got the gun. Kunti says that this gun belongs to his son who has license for it. She reveals that she came back home after noticing that Raghbir hasn’t reached for the pooja they had arranged and thankfully she could save her children. Police officer believes her and leaves after saying that this process will take time and taking the gun from him.

Kunti calls Harshit and tells him that everything went wrong.

On the other hand Raghbir is taken into the ward and Pragati is asked to stay outside.

After a while Kunti is seen talking to Harshit about the incompetency of the shooter who shot Raghu instead of Pragati. Sahas overhears their conversation and asks Kunti why she did that. Kunti denies everything but Sahas says that he will tell everything to Pragati. He is about to leave when Kunti says to tell Pragati also his own truth.

Meanwhile Pragati is sitting outside the ward worried.

Kunti says that Sahas used to love Bani before Raghbir and fell in love with her again after she came back as Pragati and his love became so crazy that he started to plot along with them and scare her. Kunti remembers him about their deal according to which he would have gotten his Pragati and they would have gotten the property. She also remembers him that he pretended to not recognize Bani.

Sahas say that she also should remember that she had promised to not harm Pragati but she tried to kill her. Kunti says that they just wanted to scare her, not kill her. Sahas says that she is lying; she wanted to kill Pragati since she got to know that she has never been in mental state and that is why she killed the nurse Maria too. He says that he would have handled everything so why she appointed that shooter.

Kunti says that she didn’t want Pragati to be killed and that is why the shooter kept missing the aim until Raghbir himself didn’t come in between.Harshit adds that another proof of what they are saying is that fake bomb. Kunti says that with that fake bomb they could even see that Pragati only cares for Raghbir that is why she left Sahas in that condition and went with Raghbir.

On the other hand Pragati is seen praying for Raghbir. The doctor comes out and informs Pragati that Raghbir’s surgery has been successful and he is out of danger now. He also tells her that Raghbir is continuously taking her name even after anesthesia has been given to him. Pragati is touched. Doctors take Raghbir, who is still unconscious, out and Pragati goes to him.

Kunti tells Sahas that it looks like his craziness for Pragati is fading. Sahas declares that he didn’t get Pragati’s love by asking for it so he will snatch it and leaves from there.

Kunti smirks and says that Sahas won’t ever get Pragati since if she stays alive she will tell everybody her truth and she can’t take such a big risk just for Sahas. She says that Pragati has to be killed.

Meanwhile Pragati recalls how Raghbir got shot while trying to save her and kept fighting with the shooter for her. She recalls the doctor’s words too and asks Raghbir why he didn’t let her die. Raghbir gets conscious and Pragati is about to go to call the nurse but Raghbir stops her and asks if she is fine. “O mahive” plays. Pragati says that he is the one who got shot so why he is asking about her. They share an eyelock. Raghbir wipes her tears. Pragati gives him medicine.

Raghbir says that he saved her life and she is giving him medicine knowing that he hates that. Pragati scolds Raghbir for coming between her and the bullet. Raghbir says that it sounds like he is the haddi between the kabab and says that if he hadn’t come between then she would have been on his place even though they would have however been at the hospital only. He then asks him that shouldn’t she thank him instead of scolding her.

Pragati says that her scolding is filled with love more than anger. She says that she can die for him 100 times but can’t see him in pain even once. Raghbir wipes her tears and asks her to smile. They look at each other with love. Raghbir kisses her hand. They have a quality time together and laugh.

Azaan goes out and is stopped by the media who asks them how he is feeling. Azaan says that he is enjoying a lot. Reporter says that they heard that he is getting 1500crore for this deal. Azaan says they can add more money if they want as he needs it. Reporters try to ask him about Razia but he refuses toanswer about it and ends the question session. He leaves and finds all the furniture’s kept for auction and feels hurt. He looks at the empty mahal.

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