Began continues to be ‘Operation Saathi’, new initiative of Railways is being discussed in every village


Bhagalpur [Rajneesh]. Railways are making villagers companions (friends) in every village. The campaign has been named ‘Operation Saathi’. Behind this, the purpose of the railways is to prevent railway crime by connecting the banagans and safe operation. This campaign has been started on Bhagalpur-Banka-Dumka rail section. After this the campaign will run on other rail sections. It connects at least 10 people to it. This positive initiative of Railways is being discussed in every village. People are joining this campaign. 168 people have just been made friends in two weeks.

Railways have taken a special initiative to curb illegal crossing, chain pulling and criminal incidents on Bhagalpur-Hasandiha-Banka-Dumka rail section. Everyday hundreds of students come from these areas to study in coaching. Many of these houses are located near stations or rail halts. Most of the students travel by passenger train for coaching. In the return train the express trains. Due to non-stop express trains at the halt, the express trains are vacuumed and stopped. Due to this, where the trains are late, the Railways also incur a loss of revenue. To overcome all these problems, the railways has decided to connect the people of the village concerned with the operation partner.

RPF team arriving with banner

RPF team arrives in the village with a banner-poster for the success of ‘Operation Saathi’. The people of the village along with the head of the village arrive in a school or open ground. RPF personnel advise everyone not to damage railway property.

Realization of ‘railway is national property’

RPF teams also make villagers realize that Railways are the property of the nation. They are also advising new colleagues to call 182 for any kind of activities in station, train and railway sector.

People from these villages were added

RPF has connected the villages and stations of Barahat, Mandarhill, Jagdishpur, Barapalasi, Gonudham, Madanpur, Naunihat, Hansdiha and Gangwara villages with operations partner.


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