Bawara Dil 8 April 2021 Episode Written Update (08/04/2021)

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Bawara Dil 8th Apr 2021 Written Episode Update, Colors TV Serial “Bawara Dil 8 April 2021 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Shiva Gets Back-Stabbed By Sidhi

Air Date: 8 April 2021

Full Written Update: Bawara Dil 8/04/2021 Episode Start with One two or three solicitations Siddhi to click an image of them. Siddhi takes picture and praises them saying the couple look so decent together.Old woman says taking a gander at Shiva that Siddhi went ahead special night with her better half perhaps. Couple uncovers its their 25th wedding commemoration. Elderly person advises Shiva to close his shirt catches. Two or three advises Shiva and Siddhi to make the most of their special night. Shiva tells Siddhi would they be able to go at this point. Siddhi says she hung tight for such a long time.

Shiva gets call from Mangal. She advises Shiva to return home as Agga Bai came to meet Shiva. Agga Bai gets some information about the hard plate. Shiva says it’s in cabinet. Siddhi gets anxious. Agga Bai advises Shiva to return back soon. Shiva discloses to Siddhi that they need to return to Rudrait.

Agga Bai watches the news where Narpat is giving meeting against Agga Bai for beguiling ranchers. Agga Bai gets focused. Shiva comes and Sarkar asks him for what reason he undermined Agga Bai. Shiva says he didn’t give the hard circle to anyone. Sarkar says Agga Bai believed Shiva a ton however he disillusioned her by selling the circle. Sarkar insults Agga Bai as she confided in Shiva. Agga Bai asks Shiva where’s the circle? Shiva says he can never swindle Agga Bai. Shiva shows the hard plate to Agga Bai. Agga Bai gets stunned and says then how it got viral. Shiva consumes his hand saying he isn’t lying. He didn’t break Agga Bai’s trust. Agga Bai says she confides in him. However, Shiva needs to discover who is answerable for this. Shiva leaves from that point and sits in jeep. He gets baffled seeing his injury saying interestingly Agga Bai questioned him. He will win her trust back.

Narpat compliments Siddhi for uncovering Agga Bai. He says thanks to Siddhi for her collaboration. Shiva asks who is she conversing with? Siddhi lies that she is conversing with Sagar. Shiva asks does Siddhi realize what was the deal? Siddhi says she watched it news. Shiva says the hard plate was in pantry. How the confirmation arrived at Agga Bai’s foes. Siddhi says for what reason can’t Siddhi say obviously that he is questioning her. Shiva says would it be advisable for me to question you? Is there any legitimate explanation? Siddhi says she needs to rest.

Jalwa meets Shiva and says he realizes who has taken the hard circle. Siddhi gets stunned and catches Shiva and Jalwa’s discussion. Jalwa advises about the carport specialist to Shiva. Jalwa says he may have duplicated the evidence from the hard plate while he was fixing the jeep. The specialist can be Narpat’s witness. Shiva advises Jalwa to bring him.

Shiva asks specialist for what good reason he took the hard plate. Technician says he didn’t take it. Jalwa asks then from where he got cash to purchase costly bicycle? Specialist says he got it utilizing credit. Specialist swears on Agga Bai and Shiva blows up and beats him saying how might he swear on Agga Bai erroneously. Siddhi sees them from gallery. Shiva says due to the con artist repairman individuals are offending Agga Bai. Shiva begins beating him hardheartedly with his belt. Shiva asks the repairman how much cash he got from Narpat. Siddhi can’t resist yet hurries to save the guiltless repairman.

Siddhi says quit beating him. He didn’t take the hard plate. Shiva goes towards Siddhi. Shiva asks Siddhi then who is behind this? Yashwant stops Shiva saying he will not converse with his relatives like this. Yashwant reveals to Shiva how might he beat somebody like that? He has no privilege to hurt somebody. Shiva asks Siddhi how might she be certain to such an extent that the technician is guiltless. Siddhi says on the off chance that he is the offender he would have admitted after your torment.

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