Bawara Dil 19 April 2021 Episode Written Update (19/04/2021)

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Bawara Dil 19th Apr 2021 Written Episode Update, Colors TV Serial Bawara Dil 19 April 2021 Written Update on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Shiva Is Worried About Sidhi

Air Date: 19 April 2021

Full Written Update: Bawara Dil 19/04/2021 Episode Start with Agga Bai gets stunned thinking about Siddhi’s vanishing from Shiva. Shiva says he thought Siddhi returned to Rudrait yet she didn’t.Narpat chastens Sagar for not informing him prior to regarding Siddhi. Narpat says Siddhi was remaining with Shiva alone in Puna. God realizes what befallen her.Shiva says Siddhi’s folks likewise don’t think about her. Agga Bai advises him to remain quiet about this matter as it were. Noone should think about it before Shiva discovers Siddhi. This isn’t useful for Agga Bai’s political picture.

Narpat reveals to Sagar that he will not extra those individuals on the off chance that they hurt Siddhi. Shoni appeals to goddess for Siddhi’s wellbeing. Mangal insults Shoni that she never weeped for her mom this similar as how she is sobbing for Siddhi. Vijaya tells Shoni didn’t eat anything till now. Mangal tells show is going on. Yashwant advises Shoni to eat something. Shiva comes and says he doesn’t get any data of Siddhi. Shoni vents out her rage on God saying why Siddhi is mysteriously absent till now. Yashwant says individuals ought not reprimand God for their own mix-ups. Jalwa calls Shiva saying one dead body is found in Puna medical clinic which matches Siddhi. Shiva gets stunned and drops the telephone. Yashwant asks him what occurred. Shiva races to go to Puna. Yashwant asks him I trust what he is believing isn’t accurate. Shiva again gets Jalwa’s call and becomes more acquainted with that is some other individual’s dead body. Shiva gets assuaged and says nothing incorrectly occurred.

Shiva goes to his room and reviews how Siddhi used to insult him. Shiva puts Siddhi’s garments in cabinet and says he is terrible spouse, he shouldnt have left Siddhi in lodging that way. He doesn’t have the foggiest idea about Siddhi’s number. He bangs his clench hand saying he is truly deadbeat, his dad says the best thing.

Shiva sits alone. Shoni comes to him with food. She says today she needs Shiva to take care of her food. Shiva takes care of her and Shoni appreciates the food. Shoni advises Shiva to eat it. Shiva says he isn’t ravenous. Shoni says he ought not concern much as nothing will happen to Siddhi. Shoni tells about the diya which she lit for Shiva with the assistance of Siddhi. She says this time she will believe God, Siddhi will be back soon. Shoni says Shiva lies that he could do without Siddhi however he really focuses on her exactly how he is feeling hungry right now yet not eating food. Shoni takes care of Shiva food and says Yashwant loves him similarly. Shiva says his relationship with Siddhi is extremely confounded. Shoni advises Shiva to lie on her lap. Shiva falsehoods and Shoni says all will be well.

Agga Bai converses with official in regards to Siddhi. She says Siddhi ought to be back soon before Rudrait individuals cause a situation. Agga Bai advises him to collaborate. Shiva drives his jeep and notification Siddhi’s missing banners all over the place. Shiva gets stunned and thinks how individuals became more acquainted with about it. He sees a few ladies are making commotion with thalis alongside Malini. Malini gives him derisive gaze. She goes towards Shiva’s jeep with different women. Shiva drives the jeep in reverse.

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