Bawara Dil 16 April 2021 Episode Written Update (16/04/2021)

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Bawara Dil 16th Apr 2021 Written Episode Update, Colors Serial “Bawara Dil 16 April 2021 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Mangal and Malini have a heated argument

Air Date: 16 April 2021

Full Written Update: Bawara Dil 16/04/2021 Episode Start with He reviews every one of their minutes, how Sidhi brought gudh (desserts) as far as he might be concerned, how they went to mandir together.In the morning, Shiva is as yet resting on the patio. Yashwant comes to him and says you misled me, you were not secured in the police headquarters. What occurred with Sidhi? Shiva says I was secured. Yashwant says you think I am a blockhead? I have contacts in the public authority, I asked the police headquarters and there was no record of yours there. Shiva says how could this be conceivable? I’m not lying. Yashwant says yes all are lying yet you are saying reality? How did you manage Sidhi? Shiva says for what reason would you say you are not confiding in me? Yashwant says then where is Sidhi? How did you manage her? Shiva goes to see Malini and Ishwar remaining there. Malini scowls at him. She says you seized my girl, you obliterated her life, you strongly wedded her.. I was quiet from the beginning however assuming something happens to her now, I will fail to remember that you are her better half. On the off chance that something happens to her, I am reviling you to bite the dust an agonizing passing. Mangala yells how could you to revile my child? What’s your status? Malini says I am a mother, don’t compel me to show my status. Mangala requests that she get lost, you are a transient. Malini says I am not asking for my girl, I can turn into a lioness for my girl, this is an admonition to you. Mangala drives her away and says your girl probably flee with her darling. Malini yells at her to stop it. Shiva comes in the middle of them and requests that Mangala quiet down. He overlays his hand and reveals to Malini that I swear on my Ayi I don’t have the foggiest idea where Sidhi is. He says any place your little girl is, I will discover her without a doubt, I guarantee you that. All look on. Shiva leaves from that point.

Mangala goes to her room and yells how dare that Malini, she tosses things around. Vijiya requests that she quiet down. Mangala says that is the reason I didn’t need that young lady to become DIL. On the off chance that that young lady returns, I will break her legs and send her back to her folks. Vijiya requests that she not be irate. Mangala says I won’t fail to remember this, I recall each word for Malini, I will cause her to reimburse this affront. Vijiya says her girl is missing so she blew up. Mangala says I didn’t cause her to vanish so why I was offended? Assuming that young lady returns this house, I will not extra her. Vijiya says I comprehend your displeasure yet imagine a scenario where Soni was in Sidhi’s place. Mangala scowls at her.

Shiva converses with Jalwa and says I looked all over the place however Sidhi is mysteriously absent. Jalwa says imagine a scenario where Narpat is engaged with this. I will ask my men and the police in Pune to discover some piece of information. Jhanvi comes there and asks how are you Jalwa? Jalwa says when did you return? She says I returned here yesterday with Shiva. Shiva requests that Jalwa proceed to accomplish the work. Jhanvi says we should meet at some point Jalwa. Jalwa takes a gander at Shiva and leaves. Jhanvi says Jalwa is as yet unchanged. She says you recollect that we three used to hang out. Shiva inquires as to why she is here? Jhanvi says uh.. I came to get a few things so thought to meet you. Shiva says I have a ton of work, I need to go. He begins leaving however Jhanvi says I am back until the end of time. Kindly pardon me, I realize I did a slip-up yet kindly excuse me, if it’s not too much trouble, simply say once that you have excused me, please Shiva. Jhanvi says I addressed the cost of disappearing from you, my life turned out to be most exceedingly terrible than a bad dream, just I know how I invested energy with that person, I was becoming irritated however I have given up all that. Your recollections kept me alive around there. I would have passed on without them. She breakdowns and embraces Shiva. Mangala sees all that from her window and smiles.

Soni is concerned for Sidhi. Shiva returns home, she inquires as to whether he discovered her? Shiva says no, we have requested that the police discover some piece of information. Soni says we should go to Pune and discover her. Shiva says don’t stress, nothing will happen to her, I will bring her back soon. He embraces her. Mangala comes there and says don’t pressure him. She requests that Shiva come and eat, he says I am not eager. Mangala says you being ravenous will not make anything right, accompany me and eat. She removes him.

Mangala serves food to Shiva. He says I am not ravenous, Mangala says I have prepared your #1 food, you haven’t eaten since the previous evening. Simply eat now. She causes him to eat and asks how long has this been going on? Shiva says what? Mangala says don’t be timid, did you choose this prior to wedding Sidhi or made this arrangement now? Jhanvi is hitched so I can track down a superior young lady for you. Yet, in the event that you actually love Jhanvi, I am with you. Shiva yells would you say you are in faculties? What are you saying? Mangala says nobody knows regarding you and Jhanvi. Shiva yells at her to stop it, where did Jhanvi come from? I couldn’t care less about her or her better half. I’m simply stressed over discovering Sidhi, I am not contemplating whatever else. A man calls Shiva and says Akka Bai has called him. He closes the call and reveals to Mangala that Sidhi is my better half, assuming another person had said this, I wouldn’t have controlled myself. He leaves from that point.

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