Bawara Dil 15 April 2021 Episode Written Update (15/04/2021)

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Bawara Dil 15th Apr 2021 Written Episode Update, Colors Serial “Bawara Dil 15 April 2021 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Shiva Is Unable To Locate Sidhi

Air Date: 15 April 2021

Full Written Update: Bawara Dil 15/04/2021 Episode Start with Shiva says its not opportune chance to discuss that. Jaanvi says her planning has consistently been off-base Shiva knows it. Jaanvi asks who is Siddhi? Shiva shows his ring and says Siddhi is his better half. Jaanvi gets stunned. Shiva tells Siddhi is missing. He doesnt know where Siddhi is? Jaanvi prior to leaving asks Shiva will he meet her as she will remain in Rudrait for certain days. Jaanvi demands Shiva holding his hands.

Shiva feels abnormal. Ishvar and Yashwant get stunned seeing them holding each other’s hands. Jaanvi says she returned to take her sack. She at that point leaves. Shiva discloses to Yashwant he will bring in the lodging. He turns on the versatile speaker. Shiva becomes more acquainted with that Siddhi was not found in her room however blood stain were found in room’s washroom. Shiva says he has no clue about how everything occurred. He will discover who is behind this. Yashwant admonishes Shiva saying how might he trust Shiva when he let Siddhi be in the lodging. Ishvar likewise gets frantic at Shiva and he asks disclose to me where is my little girl? Shiva guarantees him that he will go to Puna and will discover her.

Mangal celebrates with Vilas as Siddhi at last disappeared. She says now we at long last got freed off Siddhi. Mangal says she will arrange frozen yogurt. Shoni insults Mangal saying how might she even consider celebrating right now when Shiva is discovering Siddhi, everybody is concerned for her. Mangal says she couldn’t care less about Siddhi. Siddhi cannot make her dumb however Yashwant and Shoni went under Siddhi’s impact. Shoni reprimands Mangal for not treating the circumstance appropriately. Mangal blows up and tells she will slap Shoni on the off chance that she converses with her mom discourteously. Shoni gets vexed and Mangal reveals to her that Siddhi is acting just, she absconded with Gaurav and misdirecting others. Taking affirmation, going to Puna all were important for her arranging. Mangal says now she will discover another young lady for Shiva. Shoni loses her quiet and yells at Mangal saying think before you talk.

Shoni asks Shiva did he discover Siddhi? Shiva stays quiet. Ishvar comes to home. Malini gets some information about Siddhi. Ishvar says no one knows where Siddhi is? Malini says they went to Puna then where did Siddhi go? Ishvar clarifies all that what occurred. Malini reveals to Ishvar he shouldn’t have confided in Shiva. She says indignantly if something happens to Siddhi she will consume Shiva’s entire house.

Shoni cries gravely. Shiva embraces her. Shoni reveals to him Siddhi should return soon. Shiva reassures her. Shoni says to Shiva that he should converse with Agga Bai in regards to Siddhi. Shiva says nothing will happen to Siddhi. He will discover her. He guarantees Shoni that he will discover Siddhi. Shiva asks does Shoni question him too that he may hurt Siddhi. Shoni says she confides in Shiva.

Shiva goes into his room and reviews memory identified with Siddhi. Shiva recalls how he tied mangalsutra around Siddhi’s neck.

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