Bawara Dil 10 March 2021 Episode Written Update (10/03/2021)

Bawara Dil Tv Show Written Updates

Bawara Dil 10th Mar 2021 Written Episode Update, Colors TV Serial “Bawara Dil 10 March 2021 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Bai Proposes Shiva And Sidhi’s Marriage

Air Date: 10 March 2021

Full Written Update: Bawara Dil 10/03/2021 Episode Start with Ishvar says he is additionally a human. He was unable to endure all the affront that Siddhi is getting. He surrendered trust. He is sorry to Siddhi. Siddhi cries embracing him. She says how will I respond on the off chance that you say this way.

Akka Bai shows up alongside Sarkar. She says counterfeit tears are essential in such dismal occasions. She meets Siddhi’s folks. She discloses to Ishvar self destruction isn’t an answer. He should remain solid. She says she has one answer for address this. She proposes Ishvar to get Siddhi hitched indeed. She says she will take every one of the obligations of her marriage. She says I know one individual who can wed Siddhi. He is my child.

Sarkar gets stunned. Ishvar says ask your child also what’s his choice. Malini says its regarding Sarkar’s life. Akka Bai chuckles. She says I am not discussing Sarkar. He is too youthful to even think about wedding somebody. She calls Shiva as her subsequent child. Malini blows up at her. She says I can’t send my little girl to hellfire. It is safe to say that you are insane? We are confronting inconvenience for this individual as it were. My significant other attempted to end it all due to Shiva. She says Siddhi isn’t trouble for us.

Akka Bai says Shiva is blameworthy for what he did. He was crying yesterday. He needs absolution. Shiva is rich too. Give him one possibility. Malini says irately we are not ravenous and improper. We’ll never give our consent for this marriage. Akka Bai advises Ishvar to take choice carefully.

Shiva asks Akka Bai for what reason she brought the subject of his marraige? Its unimaginable for him to wed Siddhi. Akka Bai says I have no choice. My picture got destroyed as a result of your one wrong move. Presently its the unparalleled to tackle everything. She says I have never seen any distinction among you and Sarkar. She advises him to endure the relationship for a half year just till the political decision gets over. Shiva says on the off chance that you advise me to commit suicide. I will do it yet this I can’t do. He leaves. Akka Bai gets stunned. Sarkar impels Akka Bai against Shiva. Akka Bai inquires as to whether he has weapon.

Shiva sits quietly. Akka Bai meets him and says sorry to him. She tells thank you for another kindness. I didn’t consider your own desire. I constrained my assessment on you. You rejected its OK. In any case, I contemplated Rudraik as it were. Narpat needs to win the political race utilizing this matter. I feel terrified how he will manage Rudraik individuals. Akka Bai extorts him sincerely saying you consider yourself as it were. She offers weapon to him and says shoot me in the event that you call me mother. I can’t endure if Narpat wins.

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