Barrister Babu 27th October 2021 Episode Written Update (27/10/2021)


Barrister Babu 27th October 2021 Written Episode Update, Colors TV “Barrister Babu 27th October 2021 Written Update” on

Episode Name: Bondita Welcomes Mallika Home

Air Date: 27th October 2021

Full Written Update: Barrister Babu 27/10/2021 Episode Start with Bondita says assuming Mallika is here, Batuk will likewise be here. Batuk snickers and requests that Trilochan tell Batuk’s old propensity, he tells that he is coming and never comes, he should be hanging tight for you Mallika, you ought to go. Mallika says yet… Trilochan says Batuk has wings to fly to a great extent, I will orchestrate a vehicle for you, you can go. Bondita says no, Mallika is Batuk’s companion, we should invite her. She invites Mallika and says I will show you the room, come. Trilochan asks what all did you do, make Mallika away, else Bondita will know reality, its perilous for child and mum, accomplish something. Batuk says I will accomplish something. Mallika says this haveli is truly beautiful, I m from Delhi, I had been in Italy, I met Batuk 3 years back, I have caught him in my adoration. Bondita says when he comes this time, I will not release him. Batuk hears them. Bondita says take rest. She goes. Batuk goes to Mallika’s room and closes the entryway. She says I knew it that you will come when she leaves, what game was continuing. He snickers and says I came to tell that. He tells her beginning and end. He says that is the reason I m doing this show of becoming Anirudh. She asks truly, you do nothing that is not productive for you, what’s your benefit. He says I don’t substantiate myself to anybody, have food and afterward leave, I will leave you. She embraces him and says don’t say that again that you will leave me, I will not allow you to remain as somebody’s significant other here. He says I love you. She says I love you as well, so I will not go anyplace.

He gets her neck and says I don’t prefer to hear a no, simply return to Delhi. She asks would you be able to clarify Bondita that you’re not Anirudh, however Batuk, assuming I go out, your reality will come out. Sampoorna says I found that young lady peculiar, for what reason did you request that she stay. Bondita says simply that young lady can bring Batuk back, this inadequate family will finish once more, presently the hatred is finished, we can experience the old minutes once more. Sampoorna says OK. Batuk says I love you, I trust you, you will not come clean to anybody, stay here in this room and keep reality here, you guarantee. Mallika says I guarantee. He leaves and sees Trilochan. He says I got frightened. Trilochan says your Bijli can stun everybody. Batuk chuckles and says I will deal with Mallika, she will remain here. They all feast. Mallika comes and welcomes. She sits. She says its truly hot here. Somnath goes to another seat. Sampoorna conceals Mallika and says there are numerous mosquitoes, in the event that they tear into you, you will get fever. Bondita grins. Batuk requests that Bondita have green vegs. Mallika looks on. Batuk takes care of her. He says this kheer is for Bondita.

Sampoorna says Bondita is pregnant, so Anirudh requested that we give her kheer in a silver bowl. Mallika expresses profound gratitude, I needn’t bother with any extraordinary bowl. Batuk asks how is the kheer. Bondita says great. Mallika harms her finger by the fork. Batuk gets up. Trilochan says Anirudh, give me Luchi, don’t try to go there. Mallika blows up and leaves. Bondita says stop, pay attention to me. Trilochan requests that Batuk sit. Bondita does the guide to Mallika. She says you can tell me on the off chance that you felt terrible. Mallika says wouldn’t fret, I got desirous seeing your and Anirudh’s adoration. Bondita inquires as to why. Mallika says Batuk isn’t such. Batuk looks on. Bondita says he is such since youth, you don’t think about him. Mallika says you don’t know numerous things about him after he has grown up. He figures she can blow up and tell Bondita that I m Batuk. Bondita says I need to realize where is he, what is he doing, for what reason didn’t he come. Mallika asks will I tell everything, leave it, one needs to maintain mysteries of sweetheart, for what reason are you keen on Batuk’s life.

Bondita says since you have turned into his sweetheart now, I m his Baudi and companion since youth, I need to meet him and pull his ears, you can help me, you can get him back. Mallika requests that what’s the need call him, he is here. Batuk stresses. Bondita asks what do you mean. Mallika says he is in my heart. Bondita says I will send nourishment for you, fare thee well. Batuk stows away. Bondita says its a photograph memento, it will have Batuk’s pic right, would i be able to see it. Batuk comes and asks did you take prescriptions. Bondita says you neglected, you gave it to me.

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