Barrister Babu 26th July 2021 Episode Written Update (26/07/2021)


Barrister Babu 26th July 2021 Written Episode Update, Colors Barrister Babu 26th July 2021 Written Update on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Anirudh bursts out laughing because of Bondita

Air Date: 26th July 2021

Full Written Update: Barrister Babu 26/07/2021 Episode Start with Anirudh and Somnath get the hoop and think it has a place with Sampoorna. Bondita says Chandrachur knows nothing, I need to astound him, I need to work on something for Krishnanagar. The man says pardon me, I will help you. She says thanks to him and goes to cover up. Anirudh and Somnath come. The man says I was concerned of the subjugation, I was fleeing that day, excuse me, let me go. Anirudh says fine, I pardon you, yet you will remain here in Tulsipur. Bondita thinks to get on her central goal.

Anirudh goes to turn on lights. Bondita says I have put the circuit out, on the grounds that you like murkiness, I need to bring lights. He gets down on Bihari. She requests that he light the candles. He asks what’s this dramatization. She says I will go today, its my last day, simply light the candles. He lights. She comes wearing the attorney robe. She requests that he wear it as well, they will click a pic together. He reviews Bondita.

She thinks I know Bondita’s recollections are upsetting you, it will cause you to admit your sentiments. He says we will not get a pic clicked. She inquires as to why not. He says move away, I m blowing up. She contends. He says you know nothing. She says then, at that point advise me. He says you will not comprehend. She says attempt once. He says you are crossing limits. She says you likewise cross it. The flame falls on the robe. It consumes. He brushes off the fire by his mind. She says you consumed your hands for this modest leased garments, is this coat exceptional for you, advise me, I will purchase such coat for you on the off chance that you need, its pointless. He says it’s difficult dark material, its our pride, you called it pointless, you can never comprehend its worth. She says you advise me in the event that I don’t have the foggiest idea.

She thinks I m sorry. She says I disdain this, you got injured along these lines, its genuine spot is in the dustbin, I will toss this. He says stop. He takes the coat from her. Rishta tera mera… plays… He takes her and secures her storeroom. He says you will remain here, your train is at 7 pm. She asks what will I do here, open the entryway. He goes. She says how might I know his affections for Bondita now. Sampoorna says free her. Anirudh says its her discipline, she will be bolted here, itsmy order. He goes. Bondita sits in the storeroom. Thakumaa requests that Tupur share her sentiments, what’s irritating her. Tupur embraces her and says I m fruitless, I need my significant other to get bliss of parenthood, he gets his beneficiary, I need him to get remarried. Thakumaa says it’s difficult to give somebody place, that young lady may request her privileges. Tupur says I discovered somebody who will uphold me, Bondita, she will consistently uphold me, she won’t ever be my Sautan, she will remain as my sister. Thakumaa thinks.

Bondita thinks I just had one day. Trilochan asks where is Vaijanti, I got a few presents for her, its her last day. Sampoorna says Anirudh has secured Vaijanti in the storeroom, he asked us not to free her. Trilochan yells on Anirudh. He asks did you go distraught, who rebuffs a little youngster like that, she is my companion’s girl, she is my visitor, you are regarding her as your slave, you proceed to allow her to out. Anirudh requests that Bihari bring her. Trilochan says no, I realize she will request that you free her.

Anirudh proceeds to request that Vaijanti come out. Bondita doesn’t tune in. He asks wouldn’t you be able to hear me. He sees a container moving towards him. She says no, don’t contact it, its awful, how could I respond, you bolted me here since 7 hours, I was unable to control myself and needed to do this, this is a direct result of you, I m extremely irate on you, you are truly downright terrible, anybody sees me like this, what will they think.

She says you realize how awful it feels, you don’t have a clue how much everybody will giggle. He reviews Bondita. He begins giggling. Bondita takes a gander at him. He says Bondita… . She grins. Rishta tera mera… .plays… . Everybody comes there and hears Anirudh’s snicker. Trilochan says its Anirudh’s giggle. Sampoorna says yes. Shashwati says Anirudh is giggling. Sampoorna says his giggle returned due to Vaijanti, presently Anirudh will grin again like previously.

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