Barrister Babu 24 August 2021 Episode Written Update (24/08/2021)


Barrister Babu 24th August 2021 Written Episode Update, Colors Tv “Barrister Babu 24th August 2021 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Anirudh decides to confess love to Bondita being Krishnaji

Air Date: 24th August 2021

Full Written Update: Barrister Babu 24/08/2021 Episode Start with He adores her a ton and she realizes that Bondita additionally cherishes him a ton. Bondita says that she can’t remain there. Sampoorna inquires as to why? What’s halting her? Sumati enters and says she gave her a pledge. Sumati advises Sampoorna to leave, she doesn’t have any connection with that house. They just have animosity between them. On the off chance that Thakumaa gets some answers concerning this, she will kill her, so it’s better for her to leave. Sampoorna gets a blade and advises Sumati to kill her. She can surrender her life for Bondita today. She demands Sumati to take her swear back. Anirudh and Bondita will kick the bucket without one another. Sumati isn’t prepared to think twice about. Bondita gives Shashwati’s commit to Sampoorna and solicitations her to leave. Sampoorna says fine, however Anirudh won’t dial back. Nobody will actually want to stop him. She reveals to Bondita that she needs to do choose whether she needs battles or love during this Janmasthmi.

In night, Bondita is pondering Anirudh. She gets a call from Anirudh. He asks, you are crying, correct? She lies, no. I don’t have any motivation to cry or to be content. He says, I realize I am the justification your distress. Yet, I need to be a justification your grin, satisfaction. Assuming you’re crying just by considered disappearing from me, envision what will happen when that really occurs. She says, I will not bite the dust. He says, imagine a scenario where I pass on. She cries and asks, you again need to be a justification my distress, Sakha… He says, your Sakha Babu needs to be a justification your joy and that is the reason I will not release you away from me. Never. She says, I can’t remain here for anybody. He asks, not in any event, for me? She remains silent and is going to hang up the telephone. He says, before you hang, I need to reveal to you that I am going to your place tomorrow on Janmasthmi to finish our deficient connection, to communicate my sentiments. She says, you will not come. Anything can occur. He says, I am fine with that. She says, you can lose your life as well. He says, I am fine with everything. In the event that I will be with you, I acknowledge everything. He advises her to tell at her home that her ‘barristra’ babu, her sakha babu is coming to communicate his sentiments. She says, you will not come. He will not tune in. He hangs up the telephone and grins.

Thakumaa begins Janmasthmi’s capacity. Everybody takes Krishna ruler’s favors. Tapur reveals to Bondita that she’s looking dazzling as Radha. Bondita says, yet where is Krishna? Tapur asks a woman. The woman says that he was unable to come. Chandrachur believes that he will not release Bondita like that. He will make a point to make her his today.

Anirudh says actually like how Krishna’s name is deficient without Radha’s name, he’s additionally fragmented without Bondita. That is the reason he is going to her today to communicate his sentiments. He requests the gifts. He can’t open his room’s entryway. He calls Bihari. Everybody comes there. Sampoorna asks who locked the entryway? Trilochan says he did. In flashback, it’s uncovered that Bondita called Trilochan and mentioned him to prevent Anirudh from coming to Krishna Nagar. Back to introduce, Trilochan says he guaranteed Thakumaa that there will not be any stoppage from Tulsipur to prevent Bondita from going to Kolkata. So it’s his obligation to ensure no stoppage comes from their side. Anirudh says, you can’t do this with me. Trilochan says, I am doing this with you. He advises the gatekeepers to remain there and ensure Anirudh doesn’t get out. He advises other relatives to go along with him for shraddh/burial service. Sampoorna asks whose burial service? He says, Bondita’s. Her went out. Anirudh is stunned to hear that.

Bondita reveals to Chandrachur that her Krishna is no place to be seen. How might they do Ras Leela, and so forth? He advises her not to stress, her Krishna will come. Thakumaa tells Bondita in the event that Chandrachur said, Krishna will come. She finds out if her arrangements are accomplished for her takeoff. She says yes. Chandrachur pardons himself. He takes a gander at a synthetic and says that he just has this way left. In the wake of drinking that, Bondita will get inebriated and she will handily concur for anything. He will take her to his room and afterward… He grins saying they will become one. After that Bondita will be his for a really long time.

Sampoorna reveals to Trilochan that this isn’t right. He says Bondita fouled up with them. Anirudh stops Sampoorna saying his and Bondita’s connection isn’t that feeble that it will break by Trilochan doing these things. Truth be told, today he will make his connection with Bondita considerably more grounded. Trilochan says that he will not have the option to get out from his room, disregard meeting her. Anirudh says nobody can stop him. He will admit his affection to Bondita today. He thinks how to escape the room.

Chandrachur blends the compound in juice and offers it to Bondita. Anirudh makes fire in his room and shouts for help. When the watchmen get inside, he comes out and locks them inside. Bondita is going to drink the juice when Tapur comes and says Krishna ji is here. Bondita puts the juice glass on a side and goes to see Krishna ji. Anirudh stops by taking on the appearance of Krishna. Bondita, Thakumaa, and others get glad seeing Krishna ji. Thakumaa advises him to go to Bondita. Bondita will clarify him every one of the practices. Tapur tells Bondita, here is your Krishna ji. She says they look like genuine Krishna and Radha. Bondita takes Anirudh to take the master’s endowments. From that point onward, she gives him a woodwind. He doesn’t hold it appropriately. While showing him, she contacts his hand and freezes. She pulls her hands back and shows him from distance. He says, is this alright? She gets stunned hearing Anirudh’s voice. He says, I revealed to you that I will communicate my sentiments and today I will do that before everybody. Rishta Tera Mera… plays. She says, no. He says, yes. Thakumaa comes there and advises Anirudh/Krishna to begin the capacity. Anirudh goes. Chandrachur imagines that this is an ideal opportunity to make Bondita drink the juice. Anirudh sees Chandrachur demanding Bondita and her drinking the juice. Chandrachur figures he will do anything it takes to make Bondita his. Bondita takes a gander at Anirudh and says to her, Sakha Babu, you leave from here. He says to him, I will not go until I admit to you and hear your admission. He further thinks that Bondita’s yes or no will choose fate of their adoration.

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