Barrister Babu 22 July 2021 Episode Written Update (22/07/2021)


Barrister Babu 22nd July 2021 Written Episode Update, Colors “Barrister Babu 22 July 2021 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Anirudh does the unthinkable to prove Vaijayanthi wrong

Air Date: 22 July 2021

Full Written Update: Barrister Babu 22/07/2021 Episode Start with He says dust went in my eyes, so I was unable to toss the ball. She says fine, we will see it in the following contest. Sampoorna asks did you see Anirudh, he didn’t carry on with his life well, he works constantly, he is with us, he is playing with everybody, he looks like old Anirudh now, this is a direct result of Vaijanti. Trilochan looks on. He gets drained. He says all of you play, I m going. Sampoorna says I m additionally going, all of you proceed. Anirudh says I m enough alone for all of you. They play. Bondita goes to hold the rope and requests that Anirudh pull it, they will win.

She says we have won Sakha Babu. Anirudh reviews Bondita and asks what did you say. She says I said we have won. He asks what after that. She says nothing. He says no, you said something. She asks did you hear anything, my father says that we hear what we need to hear, advise me. He says nothing. She says then, at that point become friends with me, I mean grin a piece. He asks what. She says grin a piece. The children tie them up by a rope. They attempt to get free. He asks how did your back have this profound injury. She gets apprehensive.

She asks what wound. He says you have an injury on your back, come clean with me, don’t lie. He focuses the firearm and requests that she say reality. He says don’t compel me to shoot you. Sampoorna asks what are you doing, she is Vaijanti, she got injured on her back, she advised me, don’t question her, the whole world isn’t your foe, some great individuals are additionally there like Vaijanti, apologize to her on the off chance that you think you committed an error. He says heartbroken, go at this point. Chandrachur’s man races to Krishnanagar and thinks I need to disclose to him that Bondita is Vaijanti.

Anirudh sees the children close to the desserts. Bondita requests that he see. He sees the rasgulla pots and reviews Bondita. She says you think Bondita got this, I got this here. She prevents him from tossing it. He requests that she move away else… She asks how will you respond. He says nobody will eat Rasgullas. She inquires as to why. He says its sweet. She asks so what. He says their teeth will get rotted, they will get fat. She giggles. He asks was it a joke.

She holds her ears. She says I can eat numerous such Rasgullas. He considers Bondita. She says my weight don’t get a lot, my teeth is solid, each tone has its significance, very much like life. He says I could do without this, I have carried on with my existence without desserts. She requests that he eat chillies, then, at that point he will require desserts. He eats the chillies. They get stressed. He says I can demonstrate it, I don’t need desserts. Trilochan requests that he stop. Bondita likewise proceeds to eat chillies. She says I likewise need to show that I m additionally distraught, I will stop when Anirudh stops. They eat more chillies. Trilochan requests that they stop the frenzy, older folks get injured seeing the youngsters upset.

Bondita requests that Shashwati feed desserts to Anirudh. Anirudh rejects. He says feed it to Vaijanti first. Bondita says he will eat it first, then, at that point I will have it. He takes care of the rasgulla to her. He says never contend with me again, its only desserts for you, yet for me, its old recollections for me, I have secured them in the obscurity of life. She takes care of him the desserts. He goes.

The man requests that Chandrachur stop. Chandrachur leaves in his jeep. The man tosses a stone and stops him. Chandrachur says beat this maniac. The man requests that he stop. Chandrachur says don’t leave him today. The man tumbles down. He gets hit on his head. He says I m not distraught. Chandrachur leaves.

Anirudh goes to toss the desserts. He reviews Bondita and stops. Bondita comes to see. He eats the desserts. He says I have eaten your fav rasgulla following 8 years in your memory, Bondita. Bondita cries joyfully and figures I will bring pleasantness back in your life. He grins. Chandrachur blessings a neckband to Tupur. He says you will be out of the house if my subsequent spouse comes, so I was believing that I will wed Bondita, she deals with you, she won’t toss you out. He chokes out her with the neckband. He says you need to persuade Bondita. Tupur cries.

Anirudh returns in the gathering. Bihari says you planned to toss the desserts. Anirudh says let it be, feed it to the children. The children get glad.

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