Banni Chow Home Delivery 8th August 2022 Episode Written Update (8/8/2022)

Banni Chow Home Delivery

Banni Chow Home Delivery 8th August 2022 Written Episode Update, Star Plus “Banni Chow Home Delivery 8 August 2022 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Yuvan makes Banni feel special during their marriage

Banni Chow Home Delivery Air Date: Banni Chow Home Delivery 8th August 2022

Full Written Update: Banni Chow Home Delivery 8/8/2022 Episode Start with Yuvan applying Mehendi to Banni. Banni’s aunt and uncle come there. Myra leaves the room with Yuvan. Palak, Kalpana, and Others enquire neighborhood individuals about the wedding scene. Occupants of region give them wrong headings. Manini acknowledges they are tricking them. They talk about what’s the right area for marriage. Mamisa and Mamusa apologize to Banni. Banni tells she can’t pardon them for showing her companionship with Yuvan from some unacceptable point. She requests that they leave.

Pandit makes Yuvan plays out the Puja. Pandit requests that they carry Banni to the mandap. Devraj requests that Myra bring Banni. Yuvan says he will bring his lady. Devraj concurs. Yuvan feels cheerful. He plays violin and carries Banni to the mandap. Yuvan lets Banni know that she is seeming to be a genuine Pari. Everybody grins. Banni says wish our mother’s are here. Yuvan says they are here and uncovers the photographs of their moms he set in the scene. Banni feels cheerful. Everybody applauds. Yuvan says their moms are with them. He advances his hand. Banni holds his hand. He takes her to the mandap. Everybody grins.

Hemant says Manini is right and these individuals won’t give us right data. Instructions to get familiar with the right area. Manini lets him know a way. Pandit requests that they trade Varmala. Myra requests that Yuvan not twist. Yuvan sits kneeling down and requests that Yuvan make him wear Garland. Myra inquires as to why he twists. Yuvan says Sun twists for Moon and I will twist for Banni. Banni makes him stand up and puts varmala around his neck. Everybody applauds. Yuvan makes Banni wear the varmala with Devraj’s consent. The pandit asks who will do the kanyaadan. Vishnu says he will make it happen. Banni feels blissful.

Devraj ties their Gathbandan. Pandit says the present muhurta is so great these individuals will have the gift of Shiv Gowri. Hemant calls Devraj. Banni’s pullover snare gets broken. She calls Myra and educates her. Myra attempts to set it. Yuvan notices it. Devraj goes to the call. Hemant lets him know he will break their relationship on the off chance that he plays out the marriage. Devraj says Yuvan’s joy means a lot to him. He says one day you will understand that I accomplished something beneficial. He detaches the call. Manini requests Viraj to make his companion follow the area from Devraj. Devraj requests that they start pheras. Myra says she really wants to change her dress as her shirt snares got opened. Devraj says Manini might arrive at here any time. Sulekha says it’s bad to leave the mandap in the center. Yuvan makes Banni wear his jacket. Everybody feels blissful. Banni makes him wear his moon.

Myra makes Yuvan wear the sherwani. Yuvan asks Banni for what good reason she is crying. Banni lets him know they are blissful tears. He wipes her tears. She wipes Yuvan’s tears. Viraj becomes acquainted with the area and illuminates Manini. Pandit begins Havan kund. Yuvan feels frightened. Devraj requests that Pandit diminish it. Pandit says it will be ominous. Banni requests that Yuvan not feel terrified. She requests that he see her eyes till they complete Pheras. Yuvan concurs. On the way, Manini figures she won’t allow this union with occur as they are coming to scene.

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