Banni Chow Home Delivery 15th November 2022 Episode Written Update (15/11/2022)

Banni Chow Home Delivery

Banni Chow Home Delivery 15th November 2022 Written Episode Update, Star Plus “Banni Chow Home Delivery 15 November 2022 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Banni uses a jealousy trick

Banni Chow Home Delivery Air Date: Banni Chow Home Delivery 15th November 2022

Full Written Update: Banni Chow Home Delivery 15/11/2022 Episode Start with Banni preparing the setting for Mehendi with her relative’s help. Viraj, Charmi, and Myra tell her that she is facing challenges with 2 relationships thought. Banni says she needs to face this challenge to make Yuvan emerge and she lets them know that she has confidence. She requests that they let know if they have a superior thought. They keep quiet. Later Go reprimands Viraj for aiding Banni. He says they need to send Yuvan to a psychological shelter. Hemant comes there and reproves them. He says Banni’s trust will win and our Yuvan will be fine. Viraj says he genuinely trusts that Banni’s arrangement works yet imagine a scenario where it won’t work. Kabir is beginning to become hazardous and this will be his triumph and rout of Yuvan and Banni.

Banni demands Devraj to help her in her arrangement. She requests that he not acknowledge the loss. Devraj says I need great for Yuvan that is the reason I generally help you however this time you’re are being close to home, not viable consequently, I’m thinking basically and I have proactively demolished your life yet not any longer and you can attempt with your arrangement yet in the event that Yuvan doesn’t change inspite of your endeavors then you need to pay attention to me and wed Agastya. Banni says no, Yuvan will be mine and I’m sure that he will emerge.

Tulika reviews how Kabir affects her exceptional. She asks him how he realizes her young life name yet he told her she will get to know her responses at right time. Myra comes there. Tulika emerges from her viewpoints. Myra gives Mehendi dress to her. Tulika expresses gratitude toward her. Myra says I need to thank you for aiding us. She gives juice to her. Tulika says you folks are great and I petition God for your family’s prosperity. Myra embraces her. Kabir comes there. Tulika shows him the dress Myra purchased. Kabir requests that she wear the dress he purchased for their important day. Tulika concurs. He passes on requesting that she prepare.

Tulika comes down the stairs for Mehendi. Kabir feels better. She attempts to know how he realizes her young life name.
Kabir sees Banni is additionally having Mehendi. Kabir asks Tulika for what reason is Banni having Mehendi capability? Banni says just he doesn’t reserve the option to begin another life and says she is likewise going to begin another life. He says nobody weds you and appears as though you’re getting hitched to yourself. Agastya enters the setting.

Banni shows Agastya to Kabir. Kabir says he thought Banni loves Yuvan like he adores Tulika and says she won’t cherish any other individual other than Yuvan yet it’s off-base. Banni desires to see Yuvan in Kabir. Banni goes to Agastya. Agastya shows the Mehendi he purchased for herself and commendations her look. Banni requests him to do it in front from Yuvan to cause him to feel envious. Agastya concurs and holds her hand. Kabir additionally holds Tulika’s hand.

Banni presents Agastya as her new soul mate. Charmi says she is more appealing with Agastya than Yuvan. Agastya says he is glad to get Banni. Banni inquires as to whether he purchased a phony present. Agastya makes Banni wear his mother’s jewelry. Banni sees Kabir’s responses and she says thanks to Agastya for his theatrics. Agastya thinks wish it transforms into the real world and this jewelry truly has a place with my mom and she requested that I gift it to the one I love that is the reason I gifted you Banni. Banni expresses gratitude toward Agastya for bringing her bliss. Kabir removes Tulika.

In the room, Tulika asks Kabir what occurred. Kabir says they can do their function later once Banni’s service is finished. Tulika says she needs to see Banni’s Mehendi and lets him know that she needs to partake in each second with family and you believe I should turn out to be essential for this family right? Banni hears their discussion. Kabir requests that she not cry as I can’t see your tears and you need to go out so we will go. Banni feels loose.

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