Balika Vadhu 2 24th November 2021 Episode Written Update (24/11/2021)

Balika Vadhu 2

Balika Vadhu 2 24th November 2021 Written Episode Update, Colors Tv “Balika Vadhu 2 24th November 2021 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Jigar Fakes Support Kanku

Air Date: 24th November 2021

Full Written Update: Balika Vadhu 2 24/11/2021 Episode Start with She tells about her initially meet with Madhav. Jigar looks on. Anand says I comprehend, marriage can’t be constrained. She says family won’t ever concur for this marriage, I m stressed in the event that anything wrong occurs with Madhav. Anand says I will not allow wrong to occur, go to Madhav and proceed with your review. She says OK, Madhav and I need to remain together, fellow’s family is coming to see me tomorrow. He says relax, I will assist you with going out. She says I realize Anandi will help me. Anandi comes and says no, I will not allow Kanku to flee. They get stunned.

Anand says you said you will help Kanku. Anandi says its wrong, my father instructed me that eloping is off-base, you will not flee. Anand says on the off chance that she remains here, then, at that point, the family will get her hitched to anybody, Madhav is there with her to deal with her. Anandi says enough, fleeing isn’t right, you instruct nothing to Kanku, on the off chance that she would rather not wed, then, at that point, she can have some other way, she can stow away, I will help her, they won’t see Kanku however she will not flee, I will let everybody know if you don’t pay attention to me. She goes. Jigar says I need to make Anand zero in Anandi’s eyes, it will be entertaining. Mehul asks Bhairavi for what good reason is she miserable. She says I wish we could help Kanku. Anand comes. Mehul says choice will be theirs. She says I know, however… converse with Prem once, perhaps he can help, its with regards to a young lady’s future. Anand expresses profound gratitude Maa for letting me know that I m doing right, I will save Kanku and her future. Mehul says I figure we ought not meddle in their own matter, we will return in couple of days. He goes. Anandi converses with a doll. Diwari comes and looks on.

She says my doll Sona is crying, her family is constraining her to wed, she needs to study, its off-base, her marriage shouldn’t be done at this point. Mehul and Bhairavi look on. Diwari says Sona’s folks need her joy, Sona ought to do what everybody needs, when she grows up, she will know it. Anandi inquires as to for what reason is Sona crying. Diwari says she doesn’t know good and bad currently, shut down these games now. She goes. Bhairavi says Anandi is youthful, yet reasonable. Anandi comes to Kanku. She says sorry, I attempted yet they didn’t get me. Kanku cries. Anandi says I have another thought, you call Madhav here to see you, he will say that he will wed you later. Kanku says this can’t occur. Anandi inquires as to why, is he not well, converse with him. Kanku says no, he isn’t here. Anandi says converse with him. Kanku says Madhav’s telephone isn’t working, he said he will call me when he gets another telephone. Anandi says my arrangement fizzled, I will consider something different, don’t consider fleeing, its wrong, don’t come as would be natural for Anand. She goes. Kanku says I m powerless, its the main choice left for me. She gathers her packs. Jigar comes there. He thinks its the right opportunity to show that I m with them, I need to make Anand fall in their eyes. She says I was organizing my cabinet. He requests that she keep wet tissues to get saved from soil, since she is eloping with Madhav, Anand is helping her. He says I m with you, apologies. He acts to cry. He gathers her sack. She cries and embraces him.

She says you comprehended me now, I m settled. He asks when are you going. Jigar comes to Anand and helps him. Anand expresses profound gratitude. Jigar says sorry, I accused you when Kanku is against her marriage, Kanku said that she will take off from the house tomorrow, I m stressed that she might get found out. Anand says relax, she will leave for school and afterward not return, nobody will question her. Jigar says goodness, its a decent arrangement. They lie to rest. Jigar goes out. Anandi considers Kanku. She expresses how will I deal with assistance Kanku. She hears Jigar hacking. She goes to see him. He says I m stressed for Kanku, she shouldn’t get hitched. She says I m additionally stressed for her.

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