Bahu Begum 29th Jan 2020 Episode Written Update (29/1/2020)

Bahu Begum

Bahu Begum 29th January 2020 Written Episode Update,Colors Tv Serial “Bahu Begum 29 January 2020 Written Update”on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Noor Reveals Truth To Azaan

Air Date: 29 January 2020

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Full Written Update: Bahu Begum 29/1/2020 Episode Start with Noor inquiring as to whether he will render retribution from her. Azaan is oblivious or resting. Noor holds his hand and says sorry, tells that she was not with him when he required her. She educates that she has covered up concerning Shayra’s passing and wishes that she would have shot and kicked the bucket that day, rather than Shayra. She says everything would have been fine on the off chance that I was here, tells that she was unable to spare her. She swears on God that she never attempted to divide Shayra and him. She says I truly cherished you a great deal. She says my adoration isn’t narrow minded and I generally pondered your joy. She cries. Razia sees her sitting at his bedside and petitions God for their bliss.

Khalid comes to Razia toward the beginning of the day. Razia says he will wake up from the rest and dream. She says when that occurs, Noor will happen to our home. Khalid says 5 years have passed. Razia says even now Noor adores him. Noor picks the call. The man on the call asks how is she?

Noor says she is fine. The man inquires as to whether she is with Azaan, for what reason would she say she is talking in low tone? Noor asks how is he? The man says he is stressed. Noor says even I am fine. Man says I love you. Noor says you are distraught. He requests that her state. Noor says I love you as well. Khalid hears him and thinks Noor is stating I love you to whom?

Razia goes to noor’s room and tells that she has made her most loved halwa puri. Noor says Azaan is distant from everyone else. Razia requests that her have it and makes her taste it. She says she needs to converse with her something. Noor says I need to converse with you, says we need to educate everything to Azaan concerning Shayra. Razia says no and says don’t have the foggiest idea who will make him see reality. Noor says Shayra. Razia says she is dead, how she can say. Noor says we need to authorize reality infront of Azaan in an alternate manner.

Razia tells that she is with her and tells that even Allah will pardon you for this. Azaan reviews Khalid asking him until when he won’t acknowledge reality while in rest. He awakens and sees Shayra remaining close to the window. He says at long last you came and I was certain that you will come doubtlessly. He says days, months and years passed and I was certain that you will return. He sees her going out and follows her. She comes up short on the house. He runs behind her. She strolls outside and goes to the memorial park. He requests that her stop and asks where you brought me. He requests that her discussion to him and keeps hand on her shoulder. She puts her dupatta on her head and goes. Azaan expels the dupatta from her face and sees the grave with the name Shayra Akhtar Mirza. It shows Noor is remaining far and watching it. He is stunned.

Razia appeals to God. Khalid reviews Noor saying I love you as well. Razia says invigorate her that she can deal with Azaan. Noor comes infront of Azaan. Azaan inquires as to whether this is her terrible joke. Noor says you are not tolerating rout and that is the reason Shayra may have brought you here. Azaan requests that her remain quiet about her trick. Noor yells and says Shayra is dead. She tells that Adil had kept Shayra hostage. I came up short on house and got away from Police, I went there. She tells everything and tells that Shayra fell in the valley. She says I looked through her and took Police help. She says then we discovered Shayra’s dead body and covered her here. He cries and yells. Noor thinks she needs to mislead him this is Shayra’s grave.

Khalid comes to Razia and tells that he heard Noor’s discussion with somebody. Razia comes there and advises that she advised truth to Azaan. Azaan gets back home and yells calling Noor. He asks how could you? Razia asks what are you saying? Azaan says I reserve the option to scrutinize her. He asks how could you not let me know? You knows it all, at that point for what reason didn’t you disclose to me anything. He says Shayra left me 5 years back and I was frantic to hang tight for her arrival, however you knew it all. He asks would you be able to return once and come clean with me.

Noor embraces him and cries. Azaan says you battle me like frantic. Razia requests that he carry on with his new life and says you merits joy. She says I have thought something and I think even Shayra’s spirit will need this. Khalid attempts to stop her. Razia asks him not to stop her. She says no one but Noor can fill the injuries. Azaan takes a gander at Noor. Razia asks do you believe that I am hustling just a bit and says 5 years have passed. Noor says badi ammi. Razia requests that her concur. Khalid tells that Noor can’t concur for marriage as she has just proceeded onward. He says there is somebody in her life as of now. Everybody looks on.

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