Bahu Begum 17th Jan 2020 Episode Written Update (17/1/2020)

Bahu Begum

Bahu Begum 17th January 2020 Written Episode Update, Colors Tv Serial “Bahu Begum 17 January 2020 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Azaan faints when Begum makes him realise Shyra is no more

Air Date: 17 January 2020

Full Written Update: Bahu Begum 17/1/2020 Episode Start with Khalid asks Noor to call police on the grounds that Rubina desrve disciplines. Police says their us no need since we are capturing her for playing with Razia begum meds. Rubina says I didn’t do anything. Khalid says I’m observer and she is the guilty party m Mashuqa plays recording articulation of Rubina. Police captures Rubina. Khalid asks Razia to pardon him concealing this issue. Razia excuses him saying it’s not your misstep.

Azaan returns home and calls everybody. Razia gets shocked seeing him like Previous Azaan. Azaan calls Noor and uncovers about his music contract with u arrangement and says I got advance 50lakhs. Azaan challenges Noor that I will purchase begum mahal back and today it’s an ideal opportunity to restore your slap. At the point when he lifted his hand to Slap her, Razia stops him and says Noor is the person who transferred your tune and your joy is a direct result of Noor and she is the person who spared everybody and in view of her you got the agreement and she spared this house from mortaging so we can remain here. we are nothing without Noor.

Azaan gets stunned. Khalid feels cheerful. Razia questions won’t you see the genuine aims of Noor. Azaan leaves from that spot. Noor says why badi Ammi. Radha says I can’t see your affront. Azaan sees his pic with shyra and thinks I care for Shyra and I couldn’t care less why Noor is doing this yet Shyra I’m turning out to be vocalist and please return for me.

Razia sees and says how might we say him Shyra can stays away for the indefinite future. Khalid says I will chat with Azaan and goes to him. Azaan asks him leave. Khalid says perhaps you don’t saw appropriately Rubina isn’t at home and she gets captured. Azaan gets astonished and inquires as to why. Khalid uncovers her falsehoods. Azaan reassures him. Khalid asks him when you going to open your eyes and when you will acknowledge shyra is simply memory and she can’t come back to you. Azaan slaps him and send him out of room.

Razia says I’m stressed over Azaan Noor. Khalid come back to room and says Azaan didn’t comprehend. Razia says sorry beta you got these beatings for us. Khalid says it’s discipline for my folks wrongdoing. Noor treats his injuries. He grins and says our Noor is back and now We need to bring our old Azaan.

Razia inquires as to why you beat Khalid. Azaan says he talking horse crap about Shyra. Razia says even I will say th samething Shyra is nomore and she can’t return. Azaan blacks out reminscing his minutes with Shyra. Noor attempts to wake him up and asks Khalid to call specialist.

Specialist says he needs rest and asks Razia to come outside so he can converse with her. Specialists says you need to cause him to acknowledge Shyra passing in various manner so he can recuperate totally yet in the event that you uncover along these lines he will black out like today. Razia thinks what to do.

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