Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 22nd September 2022 Episode Written Update (22/9/2022)

bade achhe lagte hain 2

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 22nd September 2022 Written Episode Update, Sony Tv “Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 22 September 2022 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Pihu Goes Missing

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Air Date: Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 22nd September 2022

Full Written Update: Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 22/9/2022 Episode Start with Nandini says enough, don’t consider this, Priya and Pihu are here. He says we were leaving for air terminal that time, so they didn’t run. Smash says OK, they are here, yet its odd, this doesn’t make any sense, I should converse with Priya. He goes. Shubham says Smash didn’t fly off the handle. She grins and says he got confounded, presently this uncertainty will work, it will end Slam and Priya’s connection. Priya requests the recording. She asks how might somebody take the recording, somebody was attempting to take my little girl. She reproves the gatekeeper. Slam comes and asks what is it that you need to erase, the night film. She asks do you have it, he said its erased. He says it got saved. He chides her. She inquires as to for what reason did somebody erase the recording. He says I simply need to know the reality of this recording, you were taking off with my little girl, will you fault my mum.

Priya says no. He says I constrained mother to apologize to you. She says I returned. He expresses gratitude for the blessing. Nandini requests that Pihu come and have cupcakes. Smash asks how will I respond, will I ask around evening time and rest, that you don’t pull off my little girl. Priya says I feel you will petition for her only care, you will grab her. He says you remembered to take off. She says I planned to commit a major error, I understood my misstep. Nandini gets Pihu there. Priya says I believe that Pihu should get your affection, she is your little girl. Smash says when now is the ideal time to say reality, you attempt to take off. She says I was terrified that I will get isolated from her. He asks don’t you trust her. She says I halted. He asks where might you take her, you would make her rest out and about, you would lie that its an undertaking, I m alive, you made my girl rest on the streets. Pihu is stunned. Smash reprimands Priya. They cry. Smash inquires as to for what reason will I not record sole guardianship for Pihu, convince me. Pihu disappears. Nandini asks where did Pihu go. Priya asks was she here. Nandini says OK, she heard that she is Smash’s little girl. Priya asks where did she go. Nandini says she would have headed inside. Slam says I will go. Nandini says stop, attempt to comprehend, guarantee me, you both won’t discuss past and battle. They guarantee. Nandini says fine, I will converse with Pihu and come. Priya says no, its about Pihu. Smash says Priya, proceed to converse with Pihu, then, at that point, I will come, we ought to tranquilly deal with this. Slam and everybody attempt to track down Pihu. Smash admonishes the watchmen.

Shubham says Vedika would have left, I have opened the backgate. Smash requests that Priya check the backgate. Priya cries. Vedika stows away. Slam says we will do this together. Priya says I don’t have any idea what she is thinking. He says we will converse with her, I m there. Vedika figures Priya doesn’t recall that, I want to get saved at this point. Priya stops her and asks where were you going. Vedika says I m returning home, for what reason are you asking this. Priya asks where is my girl. Vedika asks how might I know. Priya says you have followed through with something. Vedika asks did you go frantic. Priya checks her head and says I had hit you yesterday, stop the show, tell me, where is Pihu. Vedika says you have gone distraught, perhaps Slam took her. Priya asks how might you venture to say this, you maintain that mistaken assumptions should expand, I will call the police and get you captured. Slam calls Priya and requests that she emerge. Priya goes. Smash cries. He says I got this chain here.

Priya thinks no, nobody hijacked Pihu, she is fine, she generally needed to be familiar with her father. She says we will view as her, nothing will happen to her. Smash asks how might she go. She says she got to know a major truth, she would be frightened. He inquires as to why, didn’t she maintain that her father should be somebody like me. She says she maintained that you should be her father, she needs the two of us. He asks where might she go. She says she does all that and figures as you do, tell me, where might you go in this present circumstance. Smash says I was furious when I knew reality, I remembered to show you a thing or two, we were remembering to make another beginning, I needed to age significantly Slam Kapoor. She says you would have gone to some place. He says my room, where I have your recollections. She says then Pihu would likewise be there, she has numerous recollections with you, she jumped at the chance to remain in Kapoor manor, we will go there and see as her. They go.

Pihu considers Smash. She says we used to have a great time here, for what reason mightn’t we at any point stay here, everybody stays blissful here. Slam says house is empty, I m frightened. Priya says Sandy will arrive at there before us, Pihu needs to invest energy alone. He inquires as to why, perhaps she felt awful of my words. She says you sat idle. He inquires as to for what reason does she need to remain alone. She says you additionally prefer to invest energy alone to comprehend things, she might want to do likewise, we need to cause her to accept that she isn’t the only one, she has a family. Pihu says I needed my family, I got Smash, he is my father, I called him father and he truly turned into my father, for what reason didn’t mumma and Slam tell me. Priya says we had concealed reality. Slam says truth generally emerges. Priya says truth generally got storm for us, we must be cautious that nothing else ruins, we need to make sense of Pihu that we are her family, which she generally cared about. Pihu says I need my mum and father, together. She sees some shadow and stresses.

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