Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 21st March 2023 Episode Written Update (21/3/2023)

bade achhe lagte hain 2

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 21st March 2023 Written Episode Update, Sony TV “Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 21 March 2023 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.TBade Achhe Lagte Hain 2

Episode Name: Raghav’s date gets cancelled

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Air Date: Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 21st March 2023

Full Written Update: Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 21/3/2023 Episode Start with Josh reminding Raghav his past. Raghav says I have no previous that influences this venture, its not my most memorable task, govt. authorities have previously looked at my experience. He leaves. Prachi says Josh… He says chill, you don’t need to make sense of anything. Kiara says you will have a hard time believing it, Raghav was occupied with visiting to Sania. Josh inquires as to for what reason did you vent outrage on Prachi, its Raghav’s decision, he loves such young ladies, right Prachi. He requests that Kiara express sorry to Prachi.

Kiara says sorry and goes. Josh asks when will she change. Prachi gets espresso for him. Pihu eats the food. She says its so great, we will comehere ordinarily to have food. Sara requests that she come whenever, its her home and her Maasi. Pihu partakes in the food. Raghav and Angad come. Angad says Raghav has turned into a work machine. Raghav says Josh has picked the group, something is off-base. Angad jokes. Raghav requests that Sara have food. Sara says just you stress for me, I need a child in regulation like you. They chuckle. Pihu asks how was your date. Raghav says she is Sania. Sara says you went with Kiara. Angad says Sania accompanied Kiara. Pihu says two young ladies on a solitary date. Raghav says quit blathering, Sania accompanied Kiara, she is sweet. Sara asks are you inspired by her. Angad says she gave her number to him. Sara gets some information about it. Angad says he dropped Prachi yesterday. Sara asks truly.

Raghav says no biggie, it planned to rain, she didn’t have vehicle. Pihu says you didn’t drop anybody that day when it was coming down. Raghav gets Sania’s call. They have a discussion. Angad and Pihu look on. Raghav expresses come to office, we will eat together. She says see you. He leaves. Sara gets lassi. Prachi gets Monica’s call. Monica says Lakhan didn’t have breakfast, I have sent it, ensure he eats. Prachi says breakfast has come, OK. She asks Lakhan for what reason aren’t you eating food on time. He says I was occupied, apologies. She says mother is concerned, we will have food. Raghav talks with Sania. He requests that the supervisor orchestrate breakfast that he requested. He asks where is Lakhan. Administrator says in his lodge. Lakhan asks what’s this chappan bhog. Prachi says mother has sent it for you. Lakhan says its overloving.

Prachi says she has sent food of the multitude of states. He says its our big moment, we will eat everything. She says OK. They eat the food. She requests that he eat good food. He says one day cheat day. She says only one samosa, yet its abnormal, I will call mother. He says simply eat and appreciate, don’t scrutinize the shock, you likewise eat well, you got thin. She says I have kept up with myself well, you ought to sign every one of the agreements, karma is with you. Raghav comes. He sees the morning meal and thinks I had requested it for Sania. Lakhan says extraordinary timing, come, go along with us. Raghav figures everything will I say to Sania now. Lakhan requests that he start with Idli. She says he could do without it. He says alright, there are numerous decisions, great food implies blissful temperament, you will make great plans. Raghav expresses profound gratitude, I m not eager, I needed to examine the proposition. They demand him to have food.

Lakhan gets Adi’s telephone. He says I m coming, on the off chance that he eats such a lot of food, he won’t leave me, I didn’t impart it to him. He goes. Prachi says Pihu and Angad ought to have been here. He says they went nearby, you ought to have called Josh. Raghav gets Sania’s call. He says I have a dire gathering, we need to drop breakfast. She says lunch then, at that point. He says I will tell you. Prachi requests that Raghav eat. He shows her the chocolate on her nose. She cleans it. He leaves.

Pihu says so this is the show. Raghav says great. Angad prods Raghav about Sania. Raghav says she was good to me, she is sweet and straightforward. Pihu says you are free in market. Angad says we are folks, not vegetables. Josh comes and says Raghav you made’s Kiaraextremely upset. Raghav says our energies didn’t coordinate, chill. Angad jokes. Pihu asks did you drop the date subsequent to requesting such a lot of food. Prachi gets the record and expresses sorry for upsetting. Josh says sit, Raghav had a morning meal date today, much food was conveyed. Prachi thinks good gracious, Raghav had requested that for his date. Lakhan comes. He says Monica had sent astonishing food today, all of you ought to have come. Josh requests that he let Prachi actually take a look at the rundown. They leave.

Angad and Pihu check Raghav out. Raghav says not once more. Pihu says you requested food with Sania and had it with Prachi. Raghav says no, Prachi and Lakhan were having the morning meal. Prachi says Josh would feel that I ate with Raghav, and Raghav would think father and I completed it, I ought to have asked mother once, in any case. She really looks at the rundown. She peruses Samaira’s name. She says Josh needs to employ Samaira in his group, will I recruit her or not. Monica, Sara and Brinda have a discussion. Brinda says we know everything is so anxious. Monica says OK, Prachi’s life is agitated. They examine about Prachi. Monica says Lakhan laments Prachi and Josh’s relationship. Raghav and Prachi impact and apologize. He says I m additionally grieved, on the grounds that I m not Josh. Their heads impact. She asks would it be a good idea for us we enlist Samaira. He says I didn’t see her work, no remarks. She says alright, much obliged, we shouldn’t employ anybody by getting one-sided, sorry, father and I had the morning meal, thinking mother had sent it, we didn’t figure she will not send such breakfast. He says its not a problem, I m taking Sania on supper. She says goodness, alright, have a great time. He leaves. She grins.

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